5 Pest Control Tips for New Homeowners

5 Pest Control Tips for New Homeowners - pest control tips and tricks

Did you know that in their houses, 2.9 million people reported seeing roaches and rodents, according to the 2019 American Housing Survey (AHS)? But these aren’t the only pests you need to worry about if you buy a new house.

Other than average creepy-crawlies, there is one major threat to expect when buying or moving into a new home — pest control.

You can expect mice, rats, and other little critters. But what if you don’t want any more pests in your new home? Find out everything you need to know with our simple pest control tips!

1. Locating and Removing Potential Entry Points

When it comes to preventing pests from entering your home, locating and sealing any potential entry points is essential. Start by inspecting the inside and outside of your home for any cracks, gaps, or entry points. Pay special attention to areas around windows, doors, utilities and pipes, roof lines, and any openings to the outside.

Repair any gaps or damage before pests get the chance to move in. Inspect screens and replace them when needed to prevent an infestation. Checking these areas can help prevent infestation and keep your home pest free.

2. Utilizing Professional Pest Control Services

Utilizing professional pest control services is one of the easiest, most effective, and most reliable methods for eliminating pests, including mosquito control and promoting a pest-free environment. Professional pest control services are far more capable of removing and preventing pests from returning than DIY methods. Before bringing in a company, homeowners should perform a few preventative steps to reduce the number of pests in the home.

3. Keeping Your Home Clean as a Deterrent

Make sure to clean up food particles, crumbs, and spills as often as possible. This will help ensure pests don’t have a food source in your home. Vacuum and dust regularly, especially in places like under stoves and in tight corners.

Empty trash cans often and clean them. Be sure to store food properly to prevent rodents and other pests from getting in.

4. Setting Up Pest Control Traps

Survey the perimeter of the home for any potential entrances for pests. Make sure all cracks, crevices, and floorboards are sealed before beginning any trapping. Traps should also be placed in locations most likely to be frequented by pests, such as outdoor trash cans, pantries, and nearby water sources.

Choose a trap that fits the specific pest. Make sure to fill it with bait and set the traps in a spot where they can’t be knocked over.

5. Utilizing Natural Remedies to Deter Pests

Utilizing natural remedies to deter pests can be an effective and affordable way to reduce their presence. You can use cedar chips and sprays inside and around your home for natural pest control. Plants such as mint, oregano, and marigolds can be placed to create a repellent barrier.

Natural substances, such as diatomaceous earth, can be spread around the perimeter of the house to help keep away unwanted pests.

Learn Some Pest Control Tips

Being a new homeowner can be overwhelming, but proactive pest control is important! Follow these pest control tips and contact a professional exterminator immediately if you suspect an infestation. Don’t waste time, health, property, and money – control the pest problem now!

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