Getting married is something most American adults dream of. When you finally get engaged to your soulmate, you will have to start the process of planning your wedding. Choosing the right venue, making a guest list and hiring a wedding photographer are all parts of this extensive planning process.

On average, a wedding photographer will take nearly 6000 photos during an 8-hour workday. If you want to make your photos special, then you need to seek out the beautiful scenery in your area. People getting married in the San Francisco area have a plethora of photography locations at their disposal.

Below are some of the most beautiful San Francisco photography locations you need to think about using for your engagement and wedding photos.

Take Pictures At Torpedo Wharf

One of the hottest trends in the world of wedding photography is sunrise photos. If you want to take advantage of this trend, then you will have to find the right spot to capture a beautiful sunrise. Torpedo Wharf is a great option for sunrise photos if you live around the San Francisco area.

You will need to arrive at Torpedo Wharf before dawn if you want to capture the sunrise. Once the sun starts to rise, you will see the city skyline light up. As the sun continues to rise, San Francisco attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and the TransAmerica tower will be illuminated. If you want to incorporate more natural beauty into your sunrise photo, investing in beautiful wedding bouquets is a great idea.

The World Famous Golden Gate Bridge

It’s hard to talk about great photography locations in San Francisco and not mention the Golden Gate Bridge. There are various different ways to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. If you want help choosing the right way to approach a photo shoot at this world-famous bridge, then you need to seek out the help of an experienced wedding photographer. One of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge can be captured from Chrissy Field.

Shooting the bridge from this location will allow you to get a full view of the north side of this large structure. If you want to get photos on the east side of the bridge, you need to get there before dawn. The west side of the bridge should be photographed in the evening or afternoon.

With the help of an experienced wedding photographer, you should have no problem getting the shots you want.

Venture Out To Baker Beach

One of the most accessible and beautiful beaches in San Francisco is Baker Beach. Not only does this beach offer lots of natural beauty, you can also get a great low-angle view of the Golden Gate Bridge. This beach is popular with surfers and dogs in the San Francisco area.

If you want to get the best shots on Baker Beach, you need to arrive around sunset. The natural ambiance created by the waning light of the sun can make your wedding pictures more appealing.

Source- Pixabay

Visit Twin Peaks

Are you trying to get a 360-degree view of San Francisco in your pictures? If so, you need to schedule a photography session at Twin Peaks. The best views of the city can be found at the top of the main vista point. While you will have to climb a steep hill to get to this location, it is definitely worth the effort. Instead of using the bus service at the lower part of the peaks, you will come out better by driving a car or renting an Uber.

Now that you know more about the best photo locations in San Francisco, it is time to make a plan with your wedding photographer.

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