Working in the military might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s worth considering the benefits before taking it off the table. After all, there are plenty of non-combat military careers to follow. Below, we discuss six benefits of working in the military.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

The military salary is based on experience and rank, but it’s extremely competitive when compared with other career paths. Additionally, there are plenty of benefits including health insurance, retirement benefits, and life insurance. Even family members of military personnel have access to a healthy catalog of benefits including My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA), which grants access to MyCAA approved programs that help increase job prospects.

Job Security

Economic downturns can spell uncertainty for thousands of families in the US, but military service members don’t have to worry about it because the military is a government agency. As well as this, the military is constantly growing, with employment opportunities expanding rapidly to include areas like information technology, communications, cyber terrorism, and application development.

Educational Opportunities

Regardless of which position is taken within the military, full training will be provided, including tuition assistance, on-the-job training, and paid courses. As well as this, there are plenty of informal educational opportunities including online courses, correspondence courses, and self-study courses.

Career Advancement

The military has an excellent staffing structure that makes room for career advancement. As a military member, you can rise through the ranks through promotion, taking up leadership positions, and completing professional development programs. As well as this, you will have access to an expansive professional network and the chance to receive mentoring.

If you want to advance your career in the military, make sure you set goals, work hard, build positive connections, be a team player, and always have a willingness to learn. The military actively encourages career development, so the only barrier to reaching your potential is yourself.

Travel Opportunities

Part of being employed by the military may involve traveling the world and seeing places that you would never have had the opportunity to. Even though being deployed can bring a world of stress, it provides an opportunity for personal growth, cultural enrichment, and career progression. To get the most out of traveling within the military, here are a few tips:

  • Be respectful. You are a guest in other countries, so be respectful of customs and culture.
  • Be prepared. Research destinations you’re traveling to and learn about laws, religions, and customs.
  • Use available resources. The military provides language training, travel planning, and cultural awareness training.
  • Be open-minded. Be open to new experiences including different cuisines and cultural activities.

Sense of Purpose and Belonging

Military members are filled with a great sense of purpose because they’re helping to protect their country’s citizens and make a positive difference in the world. Also, there is a strong team spirit within the military, which makes people feel as though they truly belong.

If you’re not feeling inspired by the thought of chasing a career within the military, make sure you carry out further research to find out all of the rewards and benefits offered.

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