Event planners often have to worry about food, space, the placement of guests, the competence of users, and a whole lot of other requirements. It would be overwhelming if they also had to worry about where the guests had to ease themselves when they needed to.

As an event planner, you already know that rental bathrooms are a must for every outdoor occasion. You can simply go online and look up “portable restroom rental prices near me” to get an idea of the price range and requirements for acquiring these stalls.

In this article, we’ll walk you through factors you need to consider when choosing portable restrooms for your event:

Event Size and Attendance

The number of guests you expect will determine the size and number of bathroom outlets you should acquire. If you’re expecting a large crowd, you must have adequate stalls set up to accommodate the needs of the crowd.

You should also consider how long the event is likely to last. The longer the duration, the more stalls you should acquire.

Restroom Features and Amenities

Go for stalls that offer you maximum comfort and functionality. A suitable restroom is one that possesses all the features that can give the user a comfortable experience.

Some of these features include handwash basins, mirrors, lighting, air conditioning, baby-changing stations, or additional hygiene supplies. Opt for bathrooms that can sufficiently cover the requirements of your expected attendees.


Your budget is a major determinant of several factors in your planning process. When you shop for bathroom stalls, go for options that will not put a financial dent in your preparations. There are several budget friendly options that you can acquire to give your guests comfort and efficiency.

Setting a budget before you go searching for a stall would help narrow down your search. Communicate your budget to the suppliers. A trustworthy vendor will help you get the most value for your money.

Reviews and Recommendations

Feel free to reach out to your fellow organizers. Ask them for recommendations. They would surely refer you to reliable suppliers that can give you your money’s worth.
If you have a few recommendations already, you can go online and read reviews from their previous customers. These reviews can help you determine the quality of their services.

Then, you can decide whether to patronize them or not.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Ensure that the portable restrooms you choose prioritize hygiene and cleanliness. Look for reputable suppliers who follow strict cleaning and maintenance protocols, empty waste tanks regularly, and provide hand sanitizers or handwashing facilities.

Ask the supplier about their cleaning and maintenance protocols. A reliable provider will have strict procedures in place to ensure that each restroom is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it is delivered to your event. They should adhere to industry standards and guidelines for cleanliness.

Local Regulations and Permits

When planning an event and considering the use of portable restrooms, it is crucial to be aware of and comply with local regulations and obtain any necessary permits. These regulations and permits ensure that the event is organized in a manner that is safe, hygienic, and considerate of the surrounding environment.

Checking local regulations and requirements regarding the use of portable restrooms is an important first step. Municipalities often have specific guidelines in place to ensure the proper placement, quantity, and maintenance of these facilities.

These regulations may vary depending on the area, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the specific rules that apply to your event location.

Final Thoughts

With careful consideration of all the factors listed above, you can select the most suitable convenience stalls for your occasions. Select the best, so you do not have any extra worries during the event.

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