If you have had a bad diet and consumed less water in the past few days, then you are temporarily constipated. This means you can easily fix the problem with exercise, consuming fiber-enriched food, and drinking more water.

However, if you have chronic constipation, then you need to do so much more than fixing your diet. Chronic constipation comes down to feeling constantly bloated, lethargic, and suffering from a constant stomach ache.

Now, the thing about constipation is that its impact on the body can be massive – not to mention that it can be a massive health risk, which is why you will want to try out the best colon cleanser to clear it out as soon as possible.

How Does Constipation Impact Your Health?

Most people don’t consider constipation a serious health problem; however, constipation can be the root cause of many health problems. The potential causes for constipation to damage your insides comes from the following issues:

Reabsorption of Toxins: Since you cannot pass stool, the toxins and excessive hormones are reabsorbed into the colon, which can cause serious health issues.

Physical Effects: Constipation can affect you structurally and physically, resulting from the passing of hard stools and excessive straining.

Imbalance of Intestinal Bacteria: you might have already heard about the gut microbiome.

Our gut needs good bacteria, but constipation can cause an overgrowth of the bad bacteria.
So, you get the point – constipation can cause an entire range of unwanted health effects, and consequently, your health can suffer in many ways.

Potential Side Effects of Constipation on Your Health

Here are some side effects of constipation on the body:

You Feel Fatigues

We know that constipation affects the body in different ways. That said, whenever there is constipation, you can expect fatigue to follow. In case you are wondering why this is so, you should know how constipation works.

Constipation potentially increases the fermentation of carbohydrates inside the intestines. Constipation also accelerates the production of gasses. This aspect perfectly explains why your farts are super smelly – mainly due to the overproduction of hydrogen sulfide.

Constipation essentially decreases healthy flora in your gut, which subsequently decreases the potential absorption of nutrients that are mandatory for energy and physiological function. This aspect then leads to the entrance of toxic substances into the bloodstream, eventually decreasing your overall energy, making you feel fatigued.

Gain More Pounds

Constipation causes bloating, which can give you the illusion of weight gain. However, bloating is not only an illusion because the buildup of poop can actually add a few extra pounds to one’s overall weight.

Eventually, chronic constipation can cause obesity and weight gain – not only due to the storage of poop and boating but also because constipation causes hormonal imbalance, which is particularly linked with estrogen, which is the underlying cause of obesity.

Usually, estrogen I naturally cleared out at the time you pass stool. However, when one is chronically constipated, the toxins are reabsorbed in the colon, including estrogen, which then causes the waistline to expand.

Your Skin in Impacted Too

Your skin is the largest organ, and it reflects your health and how things are going on inside you. We already discussed how toxins are reabsorbed in the colon due to constipation, including the hormones that are supposed to leave the body with the feces.

This aspect leads to a hormonal imbalance and toxicity inside the body, which causes acne breakout. The underlying reason for acne to appear on your skin when you are constipated is that the toxins desperately want to find a way to get out the body, which is why they try to do so through the largest detoxification organ – your skin.

That said, if your skin is suffering from acne due to constipation, there are several things that you can do to improve the skin texture. Firstly, you will want to drink loads of water. Water is beneficial – not only for the skin but also to help you prevent getting constipated.

You will also want to consume more fiber-enriched foods like oats, whole-grain bread, brown rice, and probiotics, including pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut. You will want to understand that daily bowel movement is essential for clear and glowing skin.

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