Do you want to become an IT professional or not?

There are many opportunities in the field of IT that require professionals with unique experience. But these are less suitable for a growing technology company.

So companies decide to pay a lot of money to people who have the necessary skills to work there. So, what is the highest paid IT job in 2022? Below, we will discuss the best paid IT jobs.

Are There Many Types of Jobs?

The IT department has millions of jobs. So, you know which team is right for you. Here are the types of IT related tasks. They should be used;

Field Business Skills;

1. Project management

2. Technical Advisor

3. Technical Sales (Software and Hardware Sales)

Technical skills in the field;

1. Software development

2. Equipment development

3. Website Designer

4. IT support

5. The test

6. Cyber ​​security

What Is the Average Salary for a Job?

You will then see different levels of IT and their special rewards.

The average annual salary of an IT specialist varies depending on the job title for each IT job, including transportation, housing and other significant benefits.

However, according to US statistics, an IT professional typically earns $ 95,100 a year. Various salaries range from 49,300 to 5,155,000.

Which Country Is Better for Work?

Many developing countries now need technical knowledge in the field of unsurpassed supply.

The latest report is based on technology-enabled business facilities. It highlights the leading leaders in the country in providing employment with technical skills. Statistics show that 78 countries were rated with 76 different metrics for IT operations.

There are ten countries with potential for high tech professionals. You can find the most paid IT jobs in the countries below.

1. Japan

2. South Korea

3. China

4. USA

5. Germany

6. Russia

7. United Kingdom

8. Singapore

9. Israel

10. Switzerland

What Do You Pay for a Good Job?

1. Chief Information Engineer

The costs of big data engineers are enormous, even at the new level of technology. This includes helping companies with their unmanaged, well-organized and well-organized data storage facilities.

Before making business decisions that affect your business, you need to know the processes, evaluate them, and provide solutions for managers.

2. Cloud Engineer

Working as a cloud engineer involves hiring staff to maintain tools in the cloud and provide secure solutions and access. Many businesses now choose to use cloud systems to store processes, data, and processes.

The US, Australia and Japan are at the forefront of cloud technology capabilities; Therefore, the annual salary should be between $ 121,998 and $ 133,526.

It is one of the most paid IT services in the world.

3. Software Developers

Equipment manufacturers have much needed technical knowledge.

Your responsibilities in this area include software development: processes. In addition, many companies will need software tools by 2022.

China, Ukraine, Argentina, Philippines, Poland, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Czech Republic, Romania are at the forefront of providing excellent employment opportunities for software development professors.

You can earn $ 105,590-161,290 per year in this area.

This is one of the most paid jobs in the IT world.

4. Mobile Application Developers

Today, tablets and smartphones are available to many people. An expert in the field talks about making devices with Android, iOS and other available mobile devices.

In addition, they integrate their unique knowledge and skills in web development and coding.

As a result, mobile device manufacturers earn $ 92,524-114,325 a year.

India, Ukraine, Poland and Argentina are some of the best countries where you can practice as much as you can and earn a good salary while working as a mobile phone designer.

5. Wireless Network Engineer

The job of a wireless network engineer is to establish wireless connections with employees from the company’s potential resources, including on-site.

Working as a wireless network engineer in the United States means earning a higher salary. The average annual salary for this job is $ 74,935 – $ 83,213.

6. Business Application Architect

Being an entrepreneurial application creator means that your workplace has an important element of application development in terms of its development and implementation. .

In addition, you may be asked to process the application first and renew it. He expects to earn between $ 130,975 and $ 141,360 a year.

7. Information System Security Manager

Most employers need security in their business. The job of a security manager is to secure the company’s networks and systems. You will ensure that security measures are implemented in the company.

Similarly, you will solve problems with vulnerable lines in their systems and find some unique ways to block unauthorized access to information.

In addition, you must meet all regulatory standards during operation. Singapore, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, France, Malaysia, Estonia and Lithuania are the highest paid countries in the region.

On average, you can earn an annual income of $ 124,063 to $ 149,454.

8. Database Manager

Owning a database has become a necessity for many companies around the world. If you are a data manager, your job involves organizing and ensuring that your company’s systems have the right information.

In addition, companies may need your help to find strategic data that they collect and use. Many countries are ideal for the profession of database management.

You can expect an annual salary of $ 137,590 to $ 164,814.

9. Data Security Analyst

It is important to protect your company data and protect it. Data security experts assessing weak systems offer the ability to configure and develop system quality protocols.

In addition, it will solve, investigate and identify all data breaches that cause security problems.

Central European countries pay high prices for these services and IT data security analysts.

So you can expect a salary between $ 99,730 and $ 158,860 for a year.

10. Data Scientists

As a data scientist, you integrate your modeling and statistical knowledge into areas that require you to maintain complex company data tools.

You need to gather feedback and report to the top management of the company before making any organizational decisions.

South Africa, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Norway, Germany, France and Australia are among the leading countries in the world where you earn the highest profits in the industry. Expect an annual salary of $ 94,280 to $ 158,060.


There are many relevant IT careers in the world. If you want to get a high-income position in the field of information technology, you can consider the above options.

Before you sign up. Also keep in mind that it takes time to get to a higher position, but in the end you will be there if you work hard.

You will be on the list of the best professions in the field of payment technology in 2022 worldwide. In addition, you can see more information on IT salaries for 2022 for different IT positions here.

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