Some foreign businessmen have an idea that rental housing in Dubai is the simplest business to conduct. Still, if you have invested in a flat for sale in dubai, your trip to successful leasing has only started. Now you need to find reliable tenants. It is perfect if you select people that will not spoil your landlord experience, but things happen.

In the rental housing sector in Dubai, various disputes between landlord and tenant are possible. Consider the main types of such disputes and how they can be resolved in the article.

Disputes over the rent price

One of the most common types of landlord-tenant disputes is rent price disputes. The tenant may not agree with the price offered by the landlord, or may believe that the rent has been increased without proper notice. In this case, it is advisable to refer to the rental agreement and check the terms and conditions that were agreed upon when the contract was signed. If the problem is not resolved, the tenant can go to court.

It is important to mention that the rent price is calculated according to a special RERA index, which is updated every three months. The landlord cannot set the price according to their personal desires. Accordingly, the landlord has to monitor the rates and if the current value differs significantly from the new standard set after the update, the fee may increase.

Disputes about the condition of the apartment

Another type of dispute between the landlord and the tenant are disputes about the condition of the property. The tenant may find faults in the housing that were not specified when the lease was signed, or may believe that the landlord is not fulfilling its obligation to repair and maintain the housing. In that case, the tenant should contact the landlord and report the problem. If, however, the landlord does not agree to correct the deficiencies, then the tenant can go to court.

To avoid such inconveniences, it is important to a landlord and a tenant to conduct the examination of the housing before leasing. Besides, it is crucial to indicate precise terms and responsibilities of tenants and a landlord in apartment maintenance. Come to agreement on such issues as:

  • Who will conduct minor maintenance tasks.
  • Who will conduct major maintenance tasks.
  • Rules to follow to avoid possible disasters.
  • Fines in terms of violation of agreement for both parties.

Disputes over tenancy terms

Disputes about lease terms can arise if the tenant fails to comply with the terms of the lease, such as failing to pay the rent on time or renewing the lease without notifying the landlord. In this case, the landlord can terminate the lease and demand that the tenant be evicted.

Refusal to pay rent causes tension and a great problem in the relationship between both parties. As a landlord, you can initiate the eviction according to the norms of the UAE.

Lien disputes

Another type of landlord-tenant dispute is a lien dispute. The tenant may not be able to get the deposit back after the lease expires, or may believe that the deposit was improperly withheld. In this case, it is advisable to refer to the lease agreement and check the terms and conditions that were agreed upon when the agreement was signed. If the problem is not resolved, the tenant can go to court.

Disputes over tenant’s rights

Disputes about tenant’s rights can arise if the landlord restricts the tenant’s rights or fails to fulfil his or her obligation to ensure the safety of the home. In this case, the tenant should go to the landlord and report the problem. If the landlord does not agree to fix the problem, the tenant has the right to bring the fight into the court.

Tenants fail to fulfil the obligations

The most common inconvenience caused by tenants is noise. To solve the problem, a landlord has to take the next steps:

● Protocol the issues. Ask the neighbours or do it yourself. Protocol is an official paper confirming your tenant’s noise violations. To do this, apply to the police and Dubai Municipality for the appointment of a noise control officer. The officer will issue certain directives. If tenants refuse to comply with the directives, they will have to pay a fine.

● Get the tenants aware of the directives of the noise control officer. If you have dramatic plans to evict your tenants, go through a notary public.

● If noise problems occur after all these directives, initiate an eviction with the RDC.

Housing in Dubai for leasing

To start the career of a landlord in Dubai, contact the real estate agency AX CAPITAL and select the desired housing. Apartments for renting out are available in various locations and of different furnishing. Invest in the correct unit and invite the reliable tenants. Do not forget to check the documents and their ability to cover the costs.

As a rule, after the conclusion of the contract, the tenant must pay rent for a year in advance, after which the owner gives the keys and everything you need to live in the apartment, as well as copies of title documents for the property, which the tenant will need to sign agreements with service providers for water, internet, telephone and electricity.

The outcomes

In conclusion, landlord-tenant disputes in Dubai can arise for a variety of reasons. However, most problems can be resolved by referring to the rental agreement and communication between the parties. If the problems are not solved, a landlord and a tenant can address governmental assistance.

The government of the UAE protects the rights of owners and tenants in equal measure. If you follow the law and comply with the rental agreement, you have nothing to worry about. In any case, to achieve success in the rental business, it is important for both parties to follow the terms of the rental agreement and have a profound knowledge of your rights and responsibilities.

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