Food has an impact on our lives, unlike anything else. The way we schedule our days is often around our next meals, so it only makes sense that the room we prepare them in should be fantastic. If you don’t love your kitchen, but want to be, here are some inexpensive ways to dress it up and make spending time in there more beautiful.

Update Handles

Knobs and handles on cabinets and drawers can be one of the least expensive things to update. When updating your kitchen, go with a set of knobs that will compliment your kitchen and make using it more accessible. If you can’t afford new ones, but want to update current wooden ones, you can paint them and give them a fresh finish instead. If you can’t find any within your budget, a lot of second hand and discount stores have knobs in constant supply, so keep an eye out for them.


Regardless of what project, color can help refinish it. Repaint your kitchen walls, or even your cabinets if they need a brighter look. Don’t be shy about going with color, like robin’s egg blue or a muted green. These will lend your kitchen a softer feeling and can offer you the chance to put your spin on the room.

If your cabinets are unpainted, you can consider staining them a different color or putting a different finish on them. Luckily most cabinets are wood and can easily be updated with a change of tone and knob.

Don’t Be Afraid of Art

A lot of people hold back from hanging art or decorating their kitchens. Artwork can be a great way to brighten up your kitchen and offer some personality into otherwise empty walls. If you aren’t clear about what kind of art to put up, you can browse Pinterest or Instagram- or even create art of your own! Some cheap canvas and paint, and a relaxed afternoon, can result in one of a kind art that you’ll be proud to display.

Update Faucets

Your faucets get more use than any other part of your kitchen. Look for deals and try to see if you can find one within your budget. A new faucet can be the jewel of your kitchen and allow you to clean and maintain your kitchen easier. When looking around at McAllen houses for sale, more people were drawn in on first impressions like an updated kitchen. Make sure yours can fit that bill.

Deep Clean

Although it’s not the easiest or most fun, way to make a room look beautiful- a deep clean can leave a room looking entirely different. Scrub your kitchen from top to bottom, cleaning out from shelves to floorboards. While you’re cleaning, look for cluttered drawers, or anything that you don’t need in your kitchen. Clutter can make a room seem smaller and less clean. Organize thoroughly and keep an eye out for anything you can sell, donate, or trash.

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You should have pride in your home and your kitchen. It shouldn’t cost hundreds, or even thousands, to update the room into something more livable.

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