Filing a lawsuit for a slip and fall accident can be very expensive. Before you decide to sue for a minor injury, it is important to seek advice from legal counsel. Just because someone else is liable for your injuries does not automatically mean you will be compensated.

Many factors contribute to the total cost of a suit, and every case is different, so it isn’t easy to generalize. A professional lawyer can help make your case as strong as possible based on their knowledge of property law. They may also be able to negotiate a more favorable settlement if it is determined that you sustained injuries with the potential for future complications. That said, whether or not to sue still lies in your hands.

Bruises and slightly twisted ankles are the most commonly sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident. Often the injured party is sent home without treatment and without any significant recovery time. These situations are less complicated and don’t necessarily require legal representation.

However, serious cases of broken bones, brain injuries, and other catastrophic injuries result from a slip and fall. In these situations, you should consult a lawyer before taking action. Personal injury lawyers can be helpful in determining the best course of action. Be sure to consult a lawyer if you are unsure of your damages.

Advantages of Filing a Minor Slip and Fall Case

1. You’ve informed the property owner of a potentially dangerous situation.

2. You’ve pressured the insurance company to fix what’s wrong.

3. You’ll be compensated for your expenses, time, pain, and suffering.

4. You’ll get a trial!

Disadvantages of Filing a Minor Slip and Fall Case

1. It can take months before the case is resolved.

2. The insurance company will fight you every step of the way.

3. You’ll likely have to pay a fee before filing your claim.

4. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive compensation for your injuries.

Around the house and in public places, always try to keep yourself safe by wearing shoes that have good traction and you’re not afraid to walk on. Also, be aware of the conditions around you and what may cause a slip and fall.

Document your accident’s circumstances if you get injured in a slip and fall incident. Take pictures of the damaged area and save any information that tells you who to contact.

Call an attorney specializing in personal injury to get advice if you’ve been injured and your medical bills keep mounting.

Why Do You Need to Hire an Attorney?

– Personal injury cases are complex.

– Insurance companies hire lawyers as well.

– Insurance companies negotiate the settlement based on the monetary value of your injury.

– Personal injury cases often involve medical bills and living expenses. A lawyer will be there to guide you through what legal options are available to you.

– It may take months before the case is resolved. A lawyer will help you know what to expect and how long it will take.

– Lawyers often have experience with knowing the best type of evidence to collect and having the right witnesses available.


Filing a personal injury lawsuit for a minor slip and fall accident can be a very expensive process. Before you decide to sue, it is important to seek advice from legal counsel. Just because someone else is liable for your injuries doesn’t mean you will be compensated.

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