Another afraid of technology is obsessional. Our kids never imagine their self without cell phones. The fear of mobile devices has become a physiological problem. It’s dangerous! We have to stop our kids from excessive usage of digital technology.

Mobile/ digital devices have become an essential part of their life. It is vital to measure the time with a cell phone. Then move on to find out the solution.

In the below paragraph, we will learn how to break kids’ technological addictions. Before we sort out this issue should know about their technology addiction.

Children and technology addiction

In today’s era, our kids are growing up in the shadow of mobile laptop computers and the internet. Not only these, but various digital devices divert the kids’ attention. But when the word addiction comes, it means no limited screen time. The simple word leads to many complications that will discuss in below this article.

For instance, your child is playing games day or night or spending more time on social media. Additionally, it is not similar to drug and alcohol addiction. It is something about the screening and digital devices.

Effect of too much screening on kids

No doubt, too much screen time and the use of digital devices directly affect kids. When they use too much without any supervision, it means they have to pay the cost difference. First of all, they start a journey of an unhealthy relationship with the latest technology.

Effect on their behavior

Did you notice a few changes in your kid’s behavior? They have a little shift in their mood while talking. It is because of taking too much time with mobile, laptops, and tablets. When we discuss the time spent on devices is the cause of aggressiveness in children. Not aggressive; if your child is emotionally down, technology affects their health.

Poor skills

Spending too much time in front of a screen means a lack of skill in your child. They couldn’t learn anything or waste their quality and precious time playing games and social media, and many other activities.

Forget to sleep

Childhood is the age of brain development; the age kids should take proper sleep and spend a healthy day. But many studies show that poor sleep affects their mental health, even insomnia. Mental health is not the reason for sleep problems. But it occurs with the obsession with technology and spending unlimited time.

The facts and figures about technology addiction

According to the pew research study, the use of technology and the internet among kids is mentioned below.

52% of teens/ kids use Smartphones, 43% spend time on their laptops, 4% use tabs, and 1.14% use other digital devices.

Discuss the more authentic facts that elaborate on the addiction of teens and kids toward digital technology.

50% of teens are addicted to smartphones, and 59% of parents agree.

78% of users check their digital devices every day.

72% of teens immediately respond to text messages and see their notification

80% of kids/teens use a cell phone before going to sleep

70% spend time on 3-5 apps at the same hour

It’s all about the statistics of using different digital gadgets to touch with technology. It’s about worldwide survey stats.

How identify my kids addicted to technology?

How can you identify your addicted child? If not- so, read the below that will help you to find out if your kid is addicted to smart devices and technology.

Use software to check them

Today, the last and safest option is to use the best parental control app to secure children. It helps you to view your kids and their activities secretly. In the current era of technology as a parent, you must know about it.

They continually use cell phones

Did you notice they are continuing on their cell phone? So, check your kids’ phones to know what they are doing. They desperately use phones without any care. They forget to take food or ignore their academic performance. It is an alarming and risky situation for all parents who need to control or overcome it as soon as possible.

They spend an average of the day with digital devices

Check! How much time do they spend on their devices? If they spend 8 to 6 hours a day means, they become addicted. You should watch out for them and see their instruments. It is necessary to measure their screen time.

Forget their sleep routine

It is usual for kids to sleep late at night and wake up in an aggressive mood just because of using mobile phones at night. The sudden change in their sleep routine highlights digital addiction symptoms. If they use their cell phone before going to bed and never miss this routine, their addiction is high.

Recommendation to control kid’s addiction to the latest technology
Now I’ll describe a few points to handle the kid’s situation and control their addiction. So, you have to focus on it to implement it.

Move them toward physical activities

It is essential to control their addiction. To avoid their online activities, arrange a few physical activities to engage them. It helps to improve their health and motivate them toward the ground plays.

Check their social media apps

To see their social media activities and remove unwanted apps from their phones. Through this, you can see their all activities and prevent inappropriate data sharing. Implementing this can help you to secure your children from adult content.

Stop them from using digital devices alone

It is one of the most crucial points to handling your children with digital devices. You have to keep an eye on them and never allow them to use them without supervision.


Being a parent; you should be aware of what your children are doing. It helps you to secure them and control their addiction to the latest technology. So, read this information and get rid of the kid’s technology addiction problem. It’s important to note the kid’s condition and protect them as much as can.

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