Operating within the oil and gas industry means you’re in a constant, highly competitive, battle to be seen and taken seriously. There are a number of secondary services related to procuring oil or the distribution of gas which also operate in a super competitive realm.

Refining your marketing efforts will help you stand out among the crowd of competitors. Take a moment to read through some helpful marketing tips for those in the oil and gas industry, and consider how you might augment you current campaign to reach a more connected audience.

Claim space for your business online

The most influential piece of digital marketing you have should be your business website. To begin claiming your space online, research what it takes to create a design that draws in the right type of web users.

Make sure to present your oil and gas products with care, and make your website easy for users to navigate. Though oil and gas may not be the most glamorous industry, you need to find a way to be appealing to those who can benefit most from your products and services.

Use high-quality visual enhancements

You’ll need to create content for a few different platforms online, but one rule rings true through the process: Always use high-quality images, video, and music streaming (if necessary) to enrich your content.

Web users don’t want to feel overwhelmed with a whole page of text. Mix up your media to boost visitor engagement, and your digital content will be more helpful to your business.

Use social media to build community

Social media is a hub for interaction, and your business can’t miss the opportunity to connect with consumers. You may not think about gas and oil when you consider Facebook or Instagram, but there’s a place to be filled. Oil and gas workers use social media too.

Add social media sharing icons to your digital content, so web users have a clear opportunity to spread the word. Invest time and resources into building a blog presence, so your followers have a reliable source of information regarding your operation.

Market through relevant trade shows

The oil and gas industry is one realm of business that still benefits greatly from a good old fashioned conference or trade show. Attending or becoming a part of one of these events will help you make new connections and expand your network.

Invest in a PPC (pay-per-click) strategy

Pay per click marketing is a cost-effective way of reaching out to the online community. However, just like everything else, you can manage your PPC campaign poorly. Spend time researching the details of a successful PPC campaign, and put your money to work for you.

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