It doesn’t matter how you wear your hair or if you don’t wear makeup, or even if it’s not your best day. They will do everything for you. You will feel comfortable and dressed for any occasion, as well as very feminine. In short, split hem midi dress, those whose cut ends below the knees are essential in a woman’s wardrobe.

You can find them day and night, long or short-sleeved, plain or printed. Most Hollywood actresses wear them very often on their Instagram. In addition, she confesses that it is one of her favorite garments since they serve both to create a more sophisticated look and to combine with sports shoes and a hat. Take advantage of it and combine it as you like.

If you have an event, a dinner, or a celebration and you don’t know what to wear or which dress to choose, here we leave you the best proposals for this season.

Flowers, stripes, and a lot of flight:

Wide, comfortable, and stylish! These printed midi cut dresses are ideal to enjoy those sunny days that remind us so much of the summer months. They are so versatile that you can wear them to go shopping as well as for a dinner on a terrace.

The first, from, is characterized by this double effect, short and long at the same time. It can be combined with sneakers or, for the hottest days, with sandals with touches of gold, brown, or even black. Mint green is lucky to combine with everything.

Other options for this type of dress, the fabric does not generate so much flight, but it stylizes the figure a lot. In addition, it allows you to adjust the waist with a bow of the same print. But, if what you want is a very elastic dress, the second version presents this striped, sleeveless model.

The classics never fail:

If you prefer to play it safe, the basics will be your great ally. They are the print of this season! While you can find the classic black dress in any store, many influencers of the moment combine it with other clothes to give it another touch. All with a sophisticated and elegant touch.

Perfect to go to work, attend meetings and interviews, and even look in the trendiest way. They combine perfectly with almost any color, so they offer the possibility of combining it with all kinds of jackets, coats, bags, and shoes.

Night dresses:

Another more elegant option is the satin halter mini dress ideal for cocktails and celebrations, which are the most elegant dresses. In this case, they all wear a neckline, so a necklace or long earrings can give a good finish to the look. You can find them longer or shorter, you even have the possibility of risking with more striking colors such as blue or, for the usual classics, such as red in different shades.

Mini dress – How do I combine it?

The mini dress is the garment of the moment: the midi dress. It is a garment that has become especially relevant in recent seasons, much more flattering than a long dress and perhaps more formal than a short dress. What is true is that depending on how we combine it, it can have one role or another.

Midi dresses can come in many styles, tight, flowy, simple, ruffled, color, printed, off-the-shoulder, strappy, long-sleeved, buttoned, with slits but they all have one thing in common, which is the length. A midi dress reaches above the ankles but below the knees.

How do I combine my midi dress?

The possibilities are endless depending on the style we want to wear in our day-to-day or at night. They are perfect for cocktails, meetings, job interviews, more formal occasions, a first date and even going to the beach or the pool. The material and the cut will be definitive when deciding which midi dress to wear on each occasion.

We like them combined with handbags, with accessories that stand out, and with all kinds of shoes:

– With sneakers for more casual looks in a sporty-chic key.
– With a stiletto for more formal events, work meetings, or to go out to dinner.
– With sandals for a beach or pool look.
– With ballerinas, for when you want to be comfortable without losing sobriety or elegance.
– With ankle boots, for rainy days when it’s still hot.

The reality is that this season you have to get hold of the garment of the moment and include a midi dress in your wardrobe as a must-have for next fall 2022. Do you already have it? If you don’t have one, do not miss to check out the entire collection at We have a full range of trendy mini dress.

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