There are 400 Types of coffee a year around the world. Coffee is the second largest oil producer in the world. The question is, does your restaurant use what we all mean by regular coffee?

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Where Does Coffee Come From

The plant is said to be native to Africa and belongs to the coffee family Rubiaceae, which includes two varieties: Arabica and Robusta.

The former was grown on the African mainland, but the latter adapted to the different countries, especially in the United States.

There are stories of African tribal herders catching, roasting, and mixing coffee beans with other foods to conserve energy during long, uninterrupted journeys.

Some attribute it to a goat farmer who noticed that his animals craved tiny red berries from a hitherto unknown and mysterious plant. This product later became the alcohol we know today. Today it is known not only for its unique taste, but also for its importance, and as a drink with many health benefits.

Of course, if you really take it, but not too much.

Because of this, coffee is currently one of the main agricultural products sold in large quantities in the international market and widely exported to many countries such as America. Latin or Africa. Coffee is also a source of music, literature and painting.

Caffeine, a major component of coffee, has stimulant properties, so it is consumed in the morning in many cultures and stays on all day or evening for those who stay active and awake.

Arabica has less coffee than Robusta, but many blends can be made between the two varieties.

The 8 Most Popular Types of Coffee in the World

Due to its popularity, coffee preparation has become an art form.

Here are some of the most popular brands in the world.

Coffee Type: Espresso

This is a strong, deep, extremely fragrant black coffee of Italian origin. It is obtained through a coffee machine that allows the water to flow through the coffee under high pressure. It is necessary to grind very finely, so that the water has a full taste.

Espresso is the basis of many coffee drinks that are equipped with various additives. But many coffee lovers say that reducing sugar is a shame and many people drink it without sugar.

Divided into sub types such as one, two, short or “limited” espresso, these are the different lengths of espresso and the number of grams of coffee per milliliter of liquid produced by the machine at different times.

Type of coffee: Cappuccino

The most popular coffee in Italy in the mid-1990s is said to be named after the color of the Capuchin brothers. Today it is one of the most famous places in the world. It is the essence of espresso coffee, skim milk, on the one hand. Many people prefer sweets like chopped chocolate, cocoa or cinnamon for sweetness. There are also other versions such as cold cappuccino or skimmed milk cappuccino.

To prepare the cappuccino it is necessary to activate the milk vapor until the volume increases and a whirlpool of bubbles can be seen that then reaches a minimum of 65 degrees Celsius. Recently, the expert model of the barista pouring steam milk directly into the espresso has become popular all over the world.

Type of Coffee: American Coffee

This is a type of coffee that emerged during World War II, when Italians tried to recreate the refined look and aroma of American military coffee.

The preparation is very simple, only this espresso is added again with a glass of hot water.

In general, this type of coffee contains less caffeine than espresso because it uses steam instead of water. It always tastes better than coffee.

It is easy to make at home as it is only supported by ground coffee, water and sugar.

Type of Coffee: Latte Coffee

This type of coffee is one of the most popular.

It refers to an espresso or short shot mixed with three parts milk and edible sugar.

Baristas also display colorful decorations of this type of drink.

Late coffee from Europe and the Italian word “latte” means “milk”.

In France it is called Grand Creme.

However, due to the popularity of this coffee, it varies from country to country.

You will also need an espresso machine and an air valve to properly pump the milk.

Coffee type: Coffee and Milk

While many people think they are confused or think they are the same, this is a variation of the original type of latte.

Of course, the preparation process is slightly different and the amount of coffee, water and milk varies.

Instead of the espresso coffee used in the original recipe in pure coffee, the difference is in the amount of milk or a small percentage of coffee present.
So that the texture is different, especially milk that is often mixed in coffee.

It is very popular and can be easily found in all cafes around the world.

Type of Coffee: Mochachino

This is a drink of choice for those of us who love coffee and chocolate.

Cappuccino is often confused with cappuccino because of its shape, and although mocha or moccasin is often mixed with cappuccino or coffee with milk, the difference is mainly in the unique ingredients, namely the syrup, the syrup. or cocoa powder

In some cafes, milk is usually replaced with cream, which gives it a sweeter and tastier taste.

You can also add grated chocolate, cinnamon or chocolate, whipped cream and of course natural sugar to taste.

To prepare, mix the espresso (steamed) with half a cup of milk and at least two teaspoons of cocoa or cocoa powder, heat a little more until sweet and ready.

Type of Coffee: Macchiato

It is also called versatile coffee or saxophone, which means its name literally in Italian.

This kind of drink originated in the country in the 16th century and coffee is usually prepared in layers, so it is always served in a cup or transparent cup as this is the main attraction.

As with other types of coffee, there are usually many variations depending on each barista or range, but the classic version is a combination of espresso, caramel, and frothed milk. However, some prefer to use skim milk or whipped cream.

Often a few drops of vanilla and sugar are added to taste, although coffee connoisseurs note that this is not necessary, as the product itself is quite sweet.

The name comes from the idea of coloring espresso coffee with milk, and although it may seem complicated, the secret of this drink lies in the different densities of its components.

To do this, pour a glass of warm milk, then frothed milk and finally coffee, making sure they all float on top of each other.

Type of Coffee: Chocolate Coffee

It is pure coffee or espresso combined with condensed milk and some water.

It was once thought to be in Spain, but is now offered in many countries.

It is also considered a thick variant of coffee, because in this case the fermented milk is replaced with fermented milk, served first, then the the coffee spills, resulting in the formation of secondary layers, different textures, very good taste and… kind. † stir. one on the other.

Like macchiato, coffee is served with crystals or a glass.

6 Beautiful Properties of Coffee

There has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of coffee.

Although alcohol abuse can be harmful, this drink contains many nutrients that can negatively affect our physical and mental health.

#1 Coffee has been shown to increase the benefits of pain relievers, especially by reducing headaches. As a result, little caffeine is found in some medications.

#2 Coffee can also reduce the risk of diabetes, especially type II, by 50 percent.

#3 Its availability works alongside comprehensive prostate treatment, to reduce some symptoms.

#4 Caffeine has also been shown to have diuretic effects and may prevent constipation in some cases.

#5 Coffee has a positive effect on the metabolism and helps athletes to improve and prevent muscle fatigue.

#6 Drinking coffee regularly has been shown to improve short-term memory and quick thinking.

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