My love for movies motivated me to work on this list of Richest Hollywood Actors. I am a huge fan of Tom Cruise and we are sure that many of you going through this list at the moment are too. Popularity and wealth go side by side, it is obvious that the most popular actors are the ones among wealthiest actors. The more popular an actor gets, the more money he is able to make through movies, brand advertisements and other sources. The list includes all the richest male actors and richest female actresses along with their net worth.

All the highly paid actors once started their journey with empty pockets, many spent nights on roads during their struggling periods and with a lot of hard work made their way to rank among the wealthiest actors in the world.

Here are the Top 15 Richest Actors in Hollywood and their Net Worth

1. Tom Cruise – Richest Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$550 Million

2. Tom Hanks – Highest Paid Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$440 Million

3. Jack Nicholson – Top Richest Hollywood Actor

Net Worth – $400 Million

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4. Jackie Chan – Richest Hollywood Celebrities

Net Worth:$370 Million

5. Michael Doughlas – Wealthiest Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$300 Million

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Superstar Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$300 Million

7. Mia Wasikowska – Wealthiest Hollywood Celebrities

Net Worth:$275 Million

8. Leonardo Dicaprio – Richest Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$245 Million

9. Will Smith – Highest Paid Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$200 Million

10. Harrison Ford – Wealthiest Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$200 Million

11. Robert De Niro – Richest Hollywood Celebrities

Net Worth:$185 Million

12. Brad Pitt – Most Paid Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$180 Million

13. Taylor Swift – Highly Paid Hollywood Actor

Net Worth:$170 Million

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