Exterior upgrades boost the appearance of your home from the outside. Because this area of a property creates the first impression, it has a significant influence on the perceived value of a home.

But when it comes to the backyard, it’s essential to centre upgrades around comfort and practicality instead of only value. Your backyard is where you’ll want to spend time relaxing, bonding with your family, or entertaining guests.

There’s quite a vast selection of backyard upgrade ideas out there, so you might be wondering which upgrades will enhance the space for comfort and entertainment while offering the biggest impact on home value.

Here are five backyard upgrades you won’t regret investing in.

Invest In Modern Landscaping

While landscaping efforts have the potential to increase the value of your property by as much as 7%, it’s critical that you choose modern landscaping schemes simply because modern designs appeal to the majority. Modern gardens attract more buyers, so you’ll find it easier to sell your home if you decide to.

The most appealing modern gardens showcase sleek lines, sharp edges, and layers of natural texture. Large cement planters are commonly used in these gardens to add solid structure to the overall look.

You can decide to tackle your garden on your own or with some help from online resources. Otherwise, you can reach out to residential landscaping services. These kinds of services are pretty affordable, and they will also maintain your yard for you.

An Outdoor Kitchen

An L-shaped stone outdoor kitchen or a grill island with a veranda is an excellent investment for any homeowner who enjoys backyard cookouts and outdoor dining. Outdoor kitchens can complement and extend an outdoor dining area and add enormous value to your property.

Aside from the lucrative impacts on home value, an outdoor kitchen will undoubtedly transform your home into the perfect entertainment space for guests. Hosting friends and family for various occasions will be effortless.

Outdoor kitchens might not be the most affordable upgrade idea, although you can expect to see a 100-200% return on your investment because outdoor kitchens increase value substantially.

Install A Deck

If you enjoy spending time outside, the costs of installing a deck won’t go to waste. Whether you decide to install wooden slates, concrete, or lavish marble, outdoor flooring can enhance your backyard and the value of your home.

When it comes to choosing the best deck materials, consider your home’s design and your backyard transformation goals. Some materials are more luxurious than others, while others are more durable, pocket-friendly, or practical.

You can recoup at least 70% of your project costs if you install a deck area that complements your home’s architecture and landscaping theme.

Install A Fire Pit

Cold weather shouldn’t hinder your ability to enjoy your outdoor space. When the weather gets colder, you could simply light up your fire pit and gather around the warmth with your friends and family while the flames set an ambient atmosphere alive.

Fire pit installations are pretty cheap, and you could even build your own if you enjoy DIY projects. On the other hand, investing in a high-end design will have the biggest impact on property value.

Repaint The Walls

Cracking, chipping, and faded exterior wall paint can degrade perceived value substantially. Fortunately, the costs of repainting the exterior walls of your home shouldn’t set you back much at all.

While painting is a pocket-friendly home improvement that can pump up property value by as much as 10%, choosing the right colours will also enhance the look of your home and your backyard. With this, choosing a colour palette that complements your home’s architectural design and other homes in the neighbourhood is essential.

There are tons of exciting and interesting backyard upgrade ideas. But while installing a large swimming pool will cost a fortune, this upgrade won’t influence property value much at all. Moreover, hot tubs and other impractical lavish installations are not the best idea. Instead of sifting through costly renovation ideas, stick to simple, practical upgrades that really can boost home value and add to your lifestyle.

Nevertheless, while you can manage some of these home improvement projects with a DIY approach, it’s often best to reach out to professional services. Most residential contractors are affordable and efficient. Even so, be sure to compare service quality, rates, and service reviews before deciding. Once you have found the right contractors, you can start planning your backyard upgrades.

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