Dressing well without spending too much money is an art. Some people learn thrifty skills in their youth as their parents and older relatives teach them how to manage money. Others have terrible examples set for them that instill troubling habits that create stressful financial situations. The following will look at ways you can upgrade your wardrobe within your budget.

Figure Out Your Budget

You can’t stay within your budget if you don’t know what it is. Take the time to budget out your entire month. If this is hard for you, you might want to spend a month simply recording your spending so you have a realistic idea of how much things cost and how often you need things. It might take several months to get a budget that works for you, but it’s well worth the effort. Not only will your wardrobe thank you, but the rest of your life will benefit too.

Save Up For Bigger Purchases

If you require more expensive items in your wardrobe, like a winter coat and winter boots that can withstand Illinois temperatures, you’re going to want to plan ahead and save up for these larger purchases. If you need formal wear like a suit, you might also want to save up for this ahead of time. Saving up for bigger purchases can be as simple as putting away a certain amount from each paycheque so that these larger purchases don’t cost too much.

Shop Around

When you’re interested in buying something wardrobe-related, take the time to shop around and see if something similar is available elsewhere. Online stores like Fashion Club can often offer trendy items for far less than traditional stores do. Shopping online can also give you more options than are available locally.

Make sure that you watch a Youtube video on how to take your measurements properly. This way you can ensure any clothing you order online fits you well. Remember, not all retailers’ sizing is the same.

Thrift, Thrift, Thrift

Finding second-hand clothing can mean you get stellar wardrobe items for far less (sometimes even 10% of the cost of buying new). It does take a little longer to shop in thrift stores as there are so many offerings all packed together, but you can save a ton of money if you choose to shop this way. Whenever you need something new like shoes, summer shorts, winter sweaters, or the like, why not visit a few thrift stores before looking at regular online and physical location stores? You can sometimes find rare treasures that aren’t even available in standard stores anymore.

The Three-Day Rule

If splurging on clothing is a problem for you, instate something called the three-day rule. Whenever you see clothing you want to buy, write down the item and don’t allow yourself to buy it for at least three days. This way, the initial dopamine surge of wanting something shiny and new has passed, and you have a little perspective on the item. When this rule is employed, people often find that they don’t decide to buy as much.

The above tips should help you dress well on a budget. If you are struggling financially, it’s a good idea to learn about proper money management as this can have a radical impact on your mental health and freedom in the next several years.

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