It is well known that in the world of fashion, history often repeats itself. It’s why we sometimes regret not holding onto our favorite pieces from our younger years when we see the next generation sporting them as the latest ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ look.

Currently, one era of fashion in the midst of a rebirth is the 70s. This was the decade of wider leg trousers, groovy prints, crochet, velvet, suede, and corduroy. For those looking to hop onto this trend, 70’s inspired men’s flares are a great place to start.

Who were the biggest style icons of the 1970s?

Rock and roll fans saw Mick Jagger and the ultimate fashion muse and his influence is still felt today. Jagger is legendary not just for his music but his wild parties and excessive lifestyle, his clothing choice often reflected this.

His threads included plenty of fringing and textures like suede and velvet. The Chelsea boots and skinny jeans modeled by the rockstar are still popular choices today as are his bold hectic printed shirts.

Formal wear in Jagger style can be described as Riviera-chic with light colors and breezy fabrics. A Panama hat often finished off a formal look in this style.

Celebrities in today’s world are still replicating the rockstar’s boldest looks, with musician Harry Styles being largely influenced by Jagger’s 70s style. Harry favors bold prints, silk shirts and flares to stand out at award shows and other celeb appearances.

For suave, well put together looks in the 70s Marvin Gaye was your man. The star always dressed to impress in public with flared suits in beige and muted tones. During his off-time, Gaye would switch to double denim, tight t-shirts, and cozy beanie hats.

The star was a fan of platforms and stacked heels, while these are quite menswear staples just yet, designers like Jimmy Choo are taking inspiration from Gaye for their catwalk looks.

For style with attitude and a rebellious punk feel, Sid Vicious is a 70s era fashion icon. The star is famous for his painted nails and spiky hair. His clothes consisted of oversized jackets, tartan prints, clashing skinny ties, creepers, and skinny suits.

Today, many punk inspired fashionistas opt for Dr Marten boots and black grungy skinnies and shirts to emulate Sid Vicious’ most memorable looks. Other icons of the era include David Bowie with bold colors and Dennis Hopper with his western suede and cowboy boots.

It doesn’t seem that the resurgence of 70s style is a short fad that will soon be forgotten, many elements of 70s style are here to stay. 70s clothing represented freedom, self-expression and creativity, which is very relevant in modern culture.

While platforms might not be the most practical, there are many elements of 70 fashion that are comfortable and versatile. After a decade or so of tight skinny jeans, many welcome the contrast and comfort that flared pants offer. Materials like suede, velvet and corduroy are comfortable alternatives to tough fabrics like leather and denim.

For the younger generations, 70s style is something new and exciting. They enjoy replicating these looks while adding a modern spin to them. As bands and musicians from the 70s, like Elton John and The Rolling Stones do throwback performances and reunion tours, they expose a new generation to these classic looks.

The 70s was a very significant era in modern history and so elements of its music, fashion and icons are likely to continue to influence today’s culture for some time yet.

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