5 Common Plumbing Problems and Their Solutions

5 Common Plumbing Problems and Their Solutions

Plumbing problems are often the most stressful. We can’t ignore it and in most cases we can’t fix it ourselves quickly and easily. However, having a basic understanding of common problems can help you communicate more effectively with plumbing services in Houston about the problem and better understand the type of plumbing repair you need.

1. Slow Drain Sink

Slow Drain Sink

This common problem arises when we least expect it: we fill the sink, clean everything that needs to be cleaned, and the next thing you know, a sink is full of dirty water that we do not want to go into. Wherever.

The reason for the plumbing problems is that we do not notice what we do. There are some common things that fall into the drains depending on the location of the device.

2. Blocked Drain

A) If this is your sink, it may be blocked with food, grease or other kitchen debris. This can mean that larger products get stuck in the drain itself. This may also indicate fat accumulation. If you have trash, recycling can pick up trash without shredding.

B) Washbasins in the bathroom tend to become blocked due to hairs in the drain or siphon. The blockage can get worse if items such as cotton buds, jewelry or other items enter the drain and trap all the hair.

In any case, there are some common culprits. The first is usually a siphon under the sink. The siphon looks like a hook or a semicircle just below the drain and prevents the accumulation of sewage gas in your home. It also serves as a logical collection point for all items that fall into your hole. Removing traps is also easy if you have a key or channel lock and do not break the plastic.

For kitchen sinks, both the siphon and the garbage can collect leftovers. If you suspect your parachute is retreating, try throwing ice cubes as you run to see if it breaks.

3. Blocked Toilet

Just like a blocked sink, only worse. The toilet can get stuck in the best and usually the worst conditions. A blocked toilet is much harder to handle than a blocked sink because all the drainage is inside or under the toilet. These blockages are usually caused by a mixture of human and paper waste.

Internal options are limited here. Of course, you always have to start with the piston. Classic rubber pistons have been in use for decades, and the new version has a different design to force more air pressure into the flowing toilet. Higher air pressures are more likely to break the blockage in the toilet itself.

In addition, you have several options. Construction companies usually sell toilets or housewives, and depending on the baseboard, they can operate. However, if you are having problems with deeper pipes, call your local plumber again who will give you a more reliable tool.

There is also a problem when the entire drain pipe is blocked. blocked sewers open after years of improper use or maintenance of the sewer under the pipe. And because the toilet is often the largest object entering the sewer, it is usually a problematic moment. Cutting a water pipe usually takes much longer than a snake or cage: you need the professional help of Raven plumbers.

4. Running Toilets

4. Running Toilets

Do you know what sound is coming from your toilet seat after streaming? This is a sound when the water in the tank refills after use. You should only hear this sound immediately after washing and for only a few seconds. If your toilet is still filling up or filling up at regular intervals, there is a risk of a huge water drop at the end of the month.

The wire problem requires some skill if you want to handle it yourself. The most likely cause of a functioning toilet is the “gut” of the tank. It may be that the rubber dive between the tank and the bowl is no longer tight, allowing water to slowly flow out of the tank. If your bathroom is running all the time, it may be that the cover is not set correctly, so it will never allow the rubber to settle.

In any case, there are easier and more difficult solutions. If the tank is in continuous use, it is sometimes easy to adjust the buoyancy chain to ensure that the tank stops working when it reaches a certain height.

If there is a crack or defect in the casing of the tank itself, you may find yourself more suitable by purchasing a new toilet and replacing the parts. At this point, however, you may be wondering if it’s worth it and call a professional plumber in Ravenna.

5. Dripping or Running Taps

In case of dripping or leaking pipes, this is divided into several possible problems.

A) Water flows from a valve or connection under a pipe. This usually happens when the main water connection on the pipe is loose or rusty.

B) Water is constantly dripping from the pipe or part of the pipe housing. This usually happens when any part of the pipe is damaged and does not interfere with the proper passage of water.

In the first case, you have several options. The first is to take the wrench and tighten the nuts a little. We may not recommend it for two reasons: first, if you try to tighten the nut and over tighten it without reinstalling the thread sealant, you may damage the mechanism that prevents water from escaping. Second, many kitchen pipes have separate connections directly under the pipes.

This is usually the most difficult problem. Leaking pipes can cause a lot of damage to surrounding systems or equipment and are often the most difficult to repair.

You have a pipe leaking under the sink, are there any places where repairs need to be done? If a pipe leaks from one of the valves, this may be a simple repair that requires only tightening the nut or replacing the valve body. If the valve is damaged or otherwise leaking at the pipe joint, a pipe replacement may be required, which means draining water from the pipe to allow repairs to be made.

And it doesn’t go anywhere else in the house where the pipes can start leaking due to damage or age. Changing a plumbing pipe is usually a plumber’s grip that you can do yourself, especially if you want to do it right the first time.

Fix the Problems of the Pump Before It Grows

Plumbing problems are usually not something you can expect. And for all the simple problems, a big problem will arise when you get there. Water pollution is a big issue for a number of reasons and improving drainage and water supply is a top priority.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have a general understanding of these common problems before plumbing comes along. However, it is a good rule of thumb to immediately hire a professional plumber in Ravenna where we work. They will do a good job in the first place and reduce the time and hassle given to the problem.


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