Vacationing is a big part of what makes America great. The industry generates nearly $2 trillion in economic output. The United States is ranked number one in the world for international travel spending.

Amenities are essential when you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on vacation lodging. In fact, many vacationers book a hotel for a specific perk.

Read on to learn five hotel amenities you should have on your next vacation. Explore what makes a travel destination great and other vacation tips.

1. Swimming Pool

This is one of the first things that travelers look for in a hotel. A swimming pool is especially important for hotel tenants with young children.

The quality of the swimming pool also ranks high on a traveler’s priority list. Is there an outdoor or indoor swimming pool? Does it have a heater or a slide?

Travelers want to know how large the swimming pool is. They also inquire whether there are cool features like waterfalls or volleyball nets.

2. Golf Course

An on-site golf course is now one of the most popular amenities. Hotel tenants love to hit the green after a short walk out of their rooms.

Some hotels offer a pitch and putt alternative that allows their hotel guests to work on their short game. It is also a good option for children learning the game. Holmes County Ohio lodging has experienced great success with this amenity.

3. Fitness Center

Many hotel guests do not like to add the extra pounds while on vacation. Instead, they would rather use a hotel fitness center to get in a quick workout.

The hotel does not need as much equipment as L.A. Fitness. However, it should have cardio machines like a treadmill and bike. Some lifting machines and free weights are also necessary items.

4. Movie Theater

Movie theaters are one of the most popular new amenities. Hotel guests love to get some popcorn and take in a feature film.

One advantage of a movie theater is that it works even on a cold, rainy day. Also, movies appeal to all hotel guests regardless of their age.

5. Free Breakfast

This is an amenity that many travelers specifically look for. Free breakfast is important to vacationers on a budget. Business travelers also look for a free breakfast to keep costs down.

Many factors can separate a free hotel breakfast. Hot breakfast foods are a must.

Some hotels go the extra mile and add an omelet station. Others make fresh smoothies or allow guests to make homemade waffles.

Your Guide to the Best Hotel Amenities

You now have an understanding of the amenities that make a hotel stand out. There are other appealing amenities at a luxury hotel like full-service spas. Some luxury lodging options offer winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding.

You deserve the best amenities for your next hotel stay. Vacation tips like these will ensure you get the bang for your buck. If you enjoyed this article about the best hotel amenities, check out our blog for more great content.

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