There are two ways of putting together a memorable family vacation. The first is blowing an obscene amount of cash on the same “number one spot” every tourist and their mother knows about. The other way is doing something so incredibly unique with your family that you’ll be the only family within a hundred miles with that story to tell.

In today’s article, we’re going to go through five unique vacation ideas for families. Keep reading and be inspired to take your family on the adventure of a lifetime.

1. Visit the Inca Empire

High above the Sacred Valley in Peru is nested what is said to be the last great city of the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu. This is an amazing family travel idea, especially if you love hiking. Packages range from a few days to weeks of great hikes, great views, and great hotel stops along the way.

2. Sledding Tour in Alaska

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, why not tour icy Alaska in a dog sled? Sledding tours in Alaska offer extreme thrills and give you access to beautiful and remote locations.

Depending on your family’s composition and adrenaline tolerance, you can opt for a few hours on a ski or dry sled or disappear into the Alaskan wild for days. There are only certain times in the year when the long tours are safe for travelers, so it is best to get planning now.

3. Experience the Middle Ages

If you have fairy princess daughters or conquest-driven sons (or vice versa), staying in a European castle is a trip your kids will never forget. There are castles all over the UK, France, and Germany that allow people to stay in for a holiday. Some even include butlers and re-enactments as part of the family fun.

4. Live Like the Amish

You don’t need a time machine to learn what life was like before the first industrial revolution. If you want to look through a window into history, you only need to visit Ohio.

There are many things to do in Berlin, Ohio, and one of the most memorable activities is experiencing the Amish way of life. This unique family vacation offers tons of outdoor fun and an incredible culinary experience (everything you eat is fresh). It’s also a great way to introduce your family to unique practical skills and a more profound respect for people who live differently from us.

5. Christmas in Germany

Germany is well known for its Christmas markets and vibrant Christmas culture. This is the top destination for a Christmas vacation if your family loves being seasonally jolly. You can make the holiday even more memorable by booking a castle for accommodation.

Get More Unique Vacation Ideas

The proverbial question “Would you have liked more money or memories with your family?” really stresses the importance of doing memorable things for your family. Don’t go to the same boring hotels everyone else does; do something magnificent!

Adventurous families will adore hiking above the Sacred Valley in Peru or sledding in the Alaskan wilderness. If stories and history are more the vibe, you can live like Middle Ages royalty or the Amish.

Dreaming about unique vacation ideas is one thing; planning them is another. Learn more about vacation ideas and tips on our insightful travel blog.

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