A business can only be established if there is a clear cut understanding of the vision, goals, and strategies across all its levels. As the modern-day business landscape grows ever more competitive, a business organization needs cost-effective solutions to relay essential information to its owner(s), associates, and employees in an efficient manner. As a result, large meetings and conferences have become part and parcel of business life.

To facilitate fast communication and interaction in these conferences and meetings, businesses turn to audience response systems. An audience response system is a combination of software and hardware that allows participants in a meeting to put forward their opinions through remote keypads.

In this post, we will take a closer look at how businesses can best use audience response systems to their advantage.

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1. Make Training Sessions More Productive

Every business needs to train its employees to align them to the business’ goals. Training for different departments employs a wide variety of training methodologies and techniques. However, training heads should always keep a close eye on the training process and how effective it is.

To do this, businesses can hire or purchase audience response systems, which can be used during training sessions to gauge how the trainees are progressing. For example, trainers can pick a subject that they have already covered during training and can ask the trainees multiple-choice questions. The questions will be displayed on a screen and the audience response system will be connected to the screen. For every question, the participants get to select any one option.

After this question-answer session gets over, the data gathered from the participants’ inputs can be analysed to track their progress. This data is also helpful in improving training methods and trainers’ skills.

2. Encourage the Expression of New Ideas

In today’s times, no business can afford to stay still. Without dynamism, a business will fail to adapt to the constant fluctuations in people’s tastes, preferences, and the economy. However, for a business to be dynamic, it needs to incorporate new and innovative ideas. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses fade into oblivion simply because the owner exerts too much authority and only implements his ideas.

But that doesn’t have to be the case as far as your business is concerned. A great way to see what ideas are brewing inside the most creative people working for you is to organize presentations. In these presentations, you can allow your employees to present their ideas. Using an audience response system, the presenter can understand how much the participants agree with the new ideas.

In this way, businesses can thrive by selecting ideas to formulate effective long-term strategies that will keep the business evolving and successful.

3. Communicate with Non-English Speakers

International collaborations promise prosperity for businesses, which is why it is necessary to partner with businesses located in other countries. Unfortunately, collaborations with international businesses often come with a challenge; the language barrier. However, through audience response systems, this language barrier can be done away with.

With the skills of a good translator and a high-quality audience response system by your side, you can communicate with prospective partners and associates in other countries quickly. When a representative of the foreign business speaks, the English translation will be relayed to all English speaking participants. When one of your business’s representatives speaks, the non-English language translation will be relayed to all non-English speaking participants.

Coupled with the internet, audience response systems allow international business collaborators to communicate without organizing a face-to-face meeting. Make critical business decisions remotely, saving time and costs, but building the business as well.

4. Make Employees Feel Valued

When you use an audience response system to understand your employees’ opinions and ideas, you indirectly make them feel more valued. Too many businesses suffer from disgruntled employees because they feel that they don’t matter enough as the business owner never lets them express their ideas.

However, audience response systems can be used to know exactly what employees feel about business policies and how they think the business should move forward. When you organize presentations and let your employees take the stage, it automatically boosts their confidence. Not only does it improve the employees’ relationship with the owner(s), but it also motivates them to contribute more towards the business.

So these are some of the ways that businesses can take advantage of audience response systems. As these systems become more popular and commonplace, more innovative ways of using these systems are bound to come up.

Some of the most recently developed audience response systems feature mobile apps that allow the mobile to be converted into a keypad that can be used for voting and putting opinions forward. The development of such apps is sure to cut the costs of audience response systems further, making them affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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