Which is the Best Course for Fashion Designing?

fashion designing

Since the last decade, the global fashion industry has paced from the foetal stage to a blossoming take-off. Designers in this field have significantly contributed to the spread of fashion across the globe, both among local consumers and international markets. This industry can now boast dozens of leading fashion designers, who can transform the fashion world based on their concepts, styles, and designs. Read on to find how studying BA in fashion will actually let you be part of this industry.

What will gain from a bachelor’s degree in fashion?

Through this program, students will gain knowledge and understanding the terms of the creative aspects of fashion-related materials and construction techniques. Candidates will receive encouragement to explore widely the innovative manufacturing processes and finishing methods.

You will equip yourself with the knowledge, personality and skills to give develop creative ideas and to ultimately generate a coherent, innovative and professional portfolio of work. The course curriculum is structured to instill a high level of competence to control the creative process beginning from the hunch of the concept to realization. You will be provided hands-on training to demonstrate a holistic perspective of the development process of the product until it reaches to the ‘consumer’.

Students will gain the basic idea of a range of techniques and methods, to create designer samples that are of a professional standard. The modules are carved out to enable learners to analyze and implement the most suitable methods for garment manufacture. It also supports candidates to be able to generate a unique piece of ora collection from their personal designs and patterns.

You must also grab the opportunity to gain real-time experience through professional interaction and business projects to learn and adopt the best fashion practices. Additionally, it will help you build interpersonal skills, confidence and competence with digital presentation. You may be at times required to work individually, or with a group of critiques to further encourage inquiry, debate, and evaluation.

It is a preparatory course that aims to develop within its candidates both the aesthetic and social sensibilities that can affect your career beyond learning theories and techniques of fashion. The course content will aid in the evolvement of design perception and enriched conceptual thinking. Besides understanding design processes better, you will also be prepared to challenge your own preconceptions be employing critical understanding.

There is constant opportunity for exploration of new ideas towards creating eventual solutions. You get to use research methodologies to investigate different areas of practice, with special consideration towards research ethics.

Discussions are held in detail about the social, historical and cultural context of fashion, as well as key art and design movements, practices and theories. Use primary and secondary research methods to investigate an area of practice, with consideration of research ethics, moving on to present research findings.

Enrolling on the BA fashion programme will help you take a step closure to venture into the creative industrial professions and conduct thorough research. Send in your applications soon and keep an eye out for the application window!


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