13 Best HR Software & Tools of 2022 to Boost Your Prodcutivity

13 Best HR Software & Tools of 2022 to Boost Your Prodcutivity

In today’s crowded marketplace, smart businesses seek competitive advantage wherever they find it.

A company’s employees can make a big difference by generating business ideas, helping companies be more efficient and productive, and creating the best customer experience.

High-performing companies have high-performing people, so human resources play a key role in achieving competitive advantage by maximizing human capital in a company.

The idea of optimizing HR through technology isn’t new, but with a wider variety of options than ever before, more companies of various sizes are enjoying the benefits of HR software.

Human resources software allows companies of any size to manage human resources in-house versus outsourcing to a PEO company.

What Is Human Resources Software?

HR software is a computer tool that integrates and simplifies the processes and management of the tasks carried out by this department of the company.

With the implementation of the appropriate software, it is possible to optimize different processes and overcome all the challenges that personnel management currently presents. In some companies, this type of software is also known as a human resources ERP system.

Among the functions of a Human Resources software, the automation of the recruitment processes, performance evaluation, time control, payroll management or reports and analysis, among other aspects, stands out.


The Use of a Good Human Resources Program Entails:

Save of time and money.

Increased productivity.

Increased strategic weight of HR in the company.

Improved security.

Best HR Software & Tools

What Is the Best Human Resources Software?

The best HR software is designed with versatility in mind, so it can grow with your business. You can add features when you need them, redesign workflows, and increase employee check-in capacity—all of which will help you manage growth more efficiently.

What Are the Advantages of Using Human Resources Software in the Cloud?

The program does not take up space in the computer’s memory.

It can be accessed from anywhere, which is perfect for telecommuting.

They are multi-device so we can use a computer, a mobile or a tablet.

Cloud software is usually cheaper than desktop software.

Security systems are regularly updated.

Many of the software also have specific apps to be used from mobile devices.

Human Resources Software in the Cloud Vs Desktop

When using software for human capital management, it is possible to choose one in the cloud or a desktop one. Until a few years ago, the most common was the latter. The license was purchased and downloaded to all the computers of the employees who were going to use it.

However, this model is becoming obsolete in favor of cloud software. With this option it is not necessary to install any program that takes up memory on the hard drive, since the software runs directly through the user’s web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox…). All you need is the access codes, a device and a good connection.

Key Features

Candidate tracking and training

Electronic signatures to replace paper-based systems

free time management

performance tools

easy reports

Mobile app

Email integrations

Document management

Best HR Software Tools


Surely it “sounds familiar to you”, or you have tried it, even if you do not use it. It is a fairly powerful tool, although for beginners it is not usually easy to use. Give it some time… It will help you store information of interest, and what’s more, it’s free.


Based on the Pomodoro technique, which divides your work into fixed periods of 25 minutes.

Google Calendar

It is almost mandatory to include a free productivity tool that includes a task calendar. And I have chosen the giant Google. You can create your calendars, share them, etc. In addition, it is very easy to use even if it is your first time.


You can integrate your social networks and share quickly with a single click. Buffer stores it and shares it when it has the most impact on your social media. It is a way to better distribute your time on social networks and make your publications more productive. And we already know how important it is to keep social media up to date… It is also available for mobile.


It is what we knew as Google Reader, an RSS reader. This way you have all your sources of information in one place, you can group them by categories and it is marked if you have read them or not.


 A great tool to manage your to-do list. It is available for web, mobile and software. It has a free version with many features.


If you are an online teacher, you will use a lot of mind maps and this software will greatly help you to do them. If you want to create an ebook, an online course or organize content, it can be a very effective tool.


We are going to bring a bit of originality with this mobile application that will help you acquire new habits. The app reminds you throughout the day. Ideal for those of “I’ll do it later”…


Do you need a scanner and do not have it at hand? Well, this app for iOS and Android uses your phone’s camera and converts them into a PDF ready to send.


A very special tool that can get you out of trouble. Do you have to organize a work dinner? A special meeting? Before wasting time asking your workers or suppliers one by one, Doodle marks available dates and times and users vote for the one that is most convenient for them.

Productivity Owl

Also a very curious personal productivity tool. Sometimes, we entertain ourselves with things that we shouldn’t, and the Internet is a world of infinite possibilities for entertainment. This tool allows you to create a list of pages that you will not be able to access while you are working.


Do you lose your app passwords often? With this tool you only have to remember one, since it stores passwords.


Of course, we were not going to forget ours, which allows you to create your own online academy in a few minutes, and is in charge of managing payments and collections so that you, as an online teacher, only have to worry about teaching your classes.


Automation tools that can be accessed in multiple languages and in multiple currencies

Easy and intuitive interfac

Mobile application to manage things outside the office

customization services

Role-based access to information

Robust reporting features


Lack of benefits management features compared to rival solutions

You don’t have a viable payroll solution yet

You must get a price quote.


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