How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Cafe and Reflect Your Brand’s Personality

How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Cafe and Reflect Your Brand's Personality - best lighting for cafe

A cafe is not just a place to grab a bite. It is an experience that includes the ambiance and vibe it exudes. Nowadays, cafes have become social spaces where people come to relax, work or socialize, making it even more important to make them look as good as possible. Lighting is one of the most critical elements to consider when designing a cafe. The right lighting can set the mood and create an atmosphere that reflects your brand’s personality. In this blog post, we will discuss various factors to take into consideration when choosing the right lighting for your cafe.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Cafe Lighting

Select Different Lights for Different Times of the Day

● Breakfast Lighting

For breakfast, it is recommended that the use of strong lighting be incorporated to create a vibrant atmosphere that will energize customers as they start their day. The ideal source of light during this time of the day is natural sunlight. Natural sunlight provides an optimal balance of brightness and warmth that will enhance the customer’s overall dining experience. A well-lit dining area also creates a welcoming ambiance for customers, which can result in repeat business. Additionally, using natural sunlight is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to brighten the space. By reducing the dependence on artificial lighting, businesses can save on energy costs and contribute to a greener environment.

● Lunch Lighting

During lunchtime, it’s highly recommended to use moderate lighting to encourage a steady flow of customers in and out of the cafe. By setting the lighting to a moderate level, the customers are more likely to feel comfortable and at ease while they eat, which can increase the chances of them returning. This is especially important when customers are looking for quick and efficient service during the lunch rush hour. By encouraging a steady flow of customers, the business can run smoothly and efficiently without overcrowding or causing any unnecessary delays. In addition to moderate lighting, it’s also recommended to provide comfortable seating options and a welcoming atmosphere to make the customers feel relaxed and happy. All of these factors can contribute to a successful lunchtime rush and help the cafe establish a loyal customer base.

Lunch Lighting

● Dinner Lighting

To create an even more inviting atmosphere for customers who visit cafes after a long and tiring day of work, using low-intensity lighting during dinner is highly recommended. This ensures that the customers enjoy a truly relaxing dining experience where they can unwind and de-stress from their hectic day. The lighting creates a comfortable ambiance, which sets the perfect tone for an intimate dinner with loved ones or a peaceful meal alone. By fully allowing customers to recharge in a tranquil environment, cafes can establish themselves as a go-to destination for anyone looking for a much-needed break from their busy lives.

Smart Lighting

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and lighting is no exception. Various modern gadgets are available in the market, such as dimming controls, automatic shut-offs, and daylight sensors, which can be used for managing restaurant lighting. These tools are efficient and can save time in maintaining and customizing the lighting of your cafe. Additionally, you can centralize the control of your whole cafe lighting by integrating the control panel into your laptop, smartphone, or tablet through apps or any other online options.

Consider Lighting Trends

Choosing the right lighting for your cafe is an ongoing process, and it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and update your lighting accordingly. For example, lamps with visible suspension strings have always been popular.

Use Moderate Colors

When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your cafe, it’s important to consider the colors of the walls as well. While it may be tempting to use bold and vibrant colors, it’s best to balance it out by using warm colors in moderation. For instance, a great way to incorporate bright colors is to use them in the back bars of your cafe. Doing so can create a harmonious and cohesive look throughout your space.

Consider Your Brand Image

When setting up the lighting for your coffee shop, it’s important first to consider the type of business you are running. Depending on your business theme, there are various themes and types of cafes to choose from, including rustic, modern, industrial, vintage, and minimalist. Take these into consideration when selecting the appropriate lighting for your cafe.

Maximize Natural Lighting in Your Cafe

To run a successful cafe, it’s essential to consider energy consumption and avoid high electric bills. One way to achieve this is by using different cafe pendant lighting types and ensuring enough windows and mirrors. Installing skylights is also a great way to maximize natural light exposure. In addition, wind chimes and flowy curtains can be added as decoration accessories to act as dimmers and control the amount of sunlight and air inside the cafe.

Merge Art and Lighting

To enhance the aesthetics of your cafe, incorporating artwork and artistic lighting can add a unique touch. These lights can provide an attractive ambiance and highlight the artwork in your cafe. However, it’s important to ensure that the lighting is sufficient to showcase the art, as visitors may miss out on the beauty of the pieces without proper lighting. For instance, a sculpture may not be visible in the absence of light after sunset. Consider adding innovative signboards to your cafe to maximize its beauty and make it look more unique.

Merge Art and Lighting

Try to Avoid Glare

When natural light enters a cafe, it can create a beautiful ambiance and cause eye-straining glare, especially when the sun sets. To counter glare, you should use three layers of lighting – ambient, task, and accent lights, such as desk lamps or overhead fixtures. You can also reduce glare by pulling down the shades and turning on the lights. This can help reduce the amount of heat generated in your cafe due to natural lighting. You should look for coffee house lights that can be easily adjusted to brighten or dim as the sun’s angle overhead shifts. Additionally, you should choose matte tables and chairs instead of shiny surfaces to prevent light reflection.

Highlight Important Areas

Certain areas in a cafe, such as a barista bar, restrooms, and entrances/exits, may require different lighting than the rest of the space. Accent lighting can be added to highlight the menu board and baked goods at the barista bar. For restrooms, popular choices include wall sconces or pendant lights that emit soft white light. In areas with insufficient natural light, track lighting can be used to make navigating easier.

Provide Sufficient Work Lighting for Team Members

Proper lighting is essential for baristas to clean their machines and avoid buildup. Without proper lighting, baristas can easily miss spots and neglect to clean certain areas, which can lead to the buildup of bacteria and other harmful substances. That is why it is crucial to have the best lighting options, such as fluorescent lights or overhead lamps.

LED lights and overhead lamps are the best lighting options for baristas because they provide a cool temperature that promotes focus and concentration. With these lighting options, baristas can easily see everything that needs to be cleaned and ensure that nothing is missed. The brightness of these lights also ensures that there are no shadows, which can make it difficult to see certain areas.

To ensure that the entire workspace is well-lit, it is recommended to install lighting above the barista bar, espresso machine, and cooking station. This will ensure that every area is well-lit and that the baristas can clean every corner without any difficulty. Additionally, having proper lighting will also create a safe working environment for the baristas, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries due to poor visibility.


Choosing the right lighting for your cafe can significantly impact your customers’ overall experience. By considering factors such as the time of day, technology, trends, and your brand image, you can create a unique and inviting atmosphere that reflects your cafe’s personality. Additionally, maximizing natural light, merging art and lighting, and highlighting important areas can add a special touch to your cafe’s ambiance. Following these tips can create a memorable experience for your customers and set your cafe apart from the competition.


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