It can be fascinating to drive or walk by a big industrial or commercial job. How much do you know about the machinery that goes into these construction efforts? For most people, the answer is that they don’t know much at all. But with a minimal amount of research, you can have your eyes opened to the reality and practicalities surrounding the big machines that make the big projects happen.

A few examples of these machines will get your brain turning in the right direction. What kind of job requires a concrete pump truck? What construction projects require bulldozers? If you live in a city, then you’re probably used to seeing cranes all over the place. What is their function, and how did they operate?

And if you’ve ever driven down the highway that’s under construction, the appearance of road creation machines can be like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Concrete Pump Trucks

Whenever there is a large amount of concrete to be put into a specific place, you need a concrete pump truck. It is a very specialized piece of equipment for projects that can be quite broad. How do you think the foundation is laid for houses? If you’ve ever seen a parking lot structure in construction, you note that concrete and rebar are everywhere.

Getting all the right industrial materials in the right places at the correct times, and then having a staff that handles the engineering aspects is a phenomenal feat.


When you were a kid, you probably played with toy bulldozers. But as an adult, have you ever wondered about the practical application of bulldozers? Have you ever thought it might be fun to climb in one of those operators’ seats and see what all of the levers do? In some instances, it’s a job that people have to have high quality, precise training. Other times, it’s just a matter of people knowing how to roll over dirt.


For people who live in cities, you are very familiar with the site of cranes all around your city’s skyline. But do you know how cranes work? Do you understand how they operate, and how the counterbalances fit into the equation?

Do you understand how and why they are built at certain heights, and you know the incredible amount of engineering that goes into deciding how much weight they can pick up and move around? It is a fascinating process.

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Road Construction Machinery

The last example to look at would be road creation equipment. If you’re driving down the highway and see significant construction sites where roads are being built, you might think that you wandered into a Terminator movie. They are so specialized that the optics truly strike the average mind as being entirely bizarre.

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