Why Are Buying and Selling Platforms Like LetGo Popular?

Why Are Buying and Selling Platforms Like LetGo Popular - ebay
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It’s no secret that the global environmental agenda has penetrated into all spheres of life. Positive promotion of environmental and ethical habits has turned an important need to be environmentally friendly in literally everything into a new useful trend. The area of trade and sales is the sector that most of all required environmental intervention.

If you have ever used a LetGo resell site, then you probably understand all the benefits both for the one who manages such a platform and for those who use it. LetGo is a platform for selling things you don’t need and buying things that you are interested in. Such platforms allow people not only to use the resources available to them wisely, but also to share them with others. Interest in such projects is growing, and if you have a question about how to build an app like LetGo, then this article is for you.

Are buying and selling apps required now?

The environmental agenda and economic irregularities oblige to look for compromises. After pandemia the niche of apps for reselling things has expanded and found its loyal audience. Popular C2C buy and sell platforms include LetGo, Declattre, Poshmark, eBay, etc.

Reselling platforms and apps are only growing in popularity. In addition to global reselling platforms like eBay, niche projects are emerging where only one category of goods is sold, for example, books or clothes.

Are buying and selling apps required now - popular buy and sell apps

Resale platforms are usually C2C applications. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) is a scheme of interaction between two consumers who are not legally entrepreneurs. If you want to build an app where users can resell their stuff, then this niche, despite being full, is still able to accept new ideas. However, it is necessary to follow the trends, demand and preferences of the audience.

The advantage of C2C apps is that there is a horizontal communication between the participants in the sales process. The practical absence of complex legal relations makes this model positive and most used in many ways. Such a model, of course, is far from classic business in the usual sense and is used just in those cases when you need to sell something unnecessary or surplus products. If you want to build an app for selling and buying used stuff, you should look into this e-commerce model.

How to build an app like LetGo

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a small guide on how to build an app for reselling stuff based on the C2C e-commerce model.

Step 1. Conduct a thorough market analysis, taking a close look at the best and worst applications in this field.

Step 2. Clearly state the idea and prepare a business plan to help outline the base of your product.

Step 3. Determine what features will be included in your app, i.e. select technology stack. In simple words, understand how your products should look from the inside.

Step 4. Make a comfortable and simple app design by thinking equally smart about UX and UI.

Step 5. Add a shopping cart and select the appropriate payment gateway.

Step 6. Think over the system for protecting the data of your platform customers.

Step 7. Prepare high-quality ads for your app. Think of a quality advertising campaign.

To be honest, these are just the basic steps to build an app. This process requires a team of IT professionals and financial costs.

Useful Tip: You should focus on creating a niche app focused on one category of goods and distribute it locally so that people from small towns can use it.

What determines a C2C app price

If you already have a certain idea and are determined to build an app for buying and selling unnecessary things, then it will be useful to understand what affects the cost of development. The first thing it depends on is the complexity of development and the set of functions. The more complex the functionality and more difficult to implement it, the higher the cost.

What determines a C2C app price - c2c example

Also, the price is influenced by the choice of platform and operating system on which the application will work. If you are targeting a solvent audience, then feel free to choose iOS, but if you choose the number of devices, then Android is what you need.

An equally important and financially costly moment is an advertising campaign. A professionally designed strategy requires additional funding. However, with a careful approach, this aspect should pay off.

Another point to consider when calculating the cost of an application is technical support. The base version is published first, and then updates are gradually released. However, this is not the most expensive aspect. However, in order to build an app that will find its target audience, this is the point that you should pay attention to.

Many people are curious about the exact cost of an application for resale. However, due to the lack of input data, it is difficult to determine the exact amount. There are many calculators available on the Internet to calculate the cost of an app. However, such programs help to calculate the average amount, which turns out to be far from the real one.


Apps for buying and selling things continue to appear on the market and win their audience. Such platforms can be universal (purchase/sale of different categories of goods) and narrowly focused (for example, resale of books or clothing). The buy and sell apps are based on the c2c e-commerce model, as it better meets the needs of the relationship of those who sell and buy.

To build an app, before you start looking for a development team, you need to research the market and study competitors’ projects. It is also necessary to correlate financial possibilities with the desired product. If you want to build an app for buying and selling used stuff then now is the time as more and more people are starting to value and share resources they have.


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