Common Drainage Issues in the House and How to Deal With Them!

Common Drainage Issues

Almost every household faces the problem of drainage. Whatever may be the reason for these problems, what is essential is that there is always a solution to the problem. Most of the issues are related to drain repair and maintenance.

Downspouts at the front entrance

Downspouts at the front entrance or the sidewalk retain water in that area and may form dams. Often downspouts become significant as they may be on that area, which pours all of the water from the roof into that spot as well.

This problem can be solved by fixing the portion of the sidewalk ar the area in front of the entrance by replacing it with stepping stones or creating a sidewalk so that water can pass through it quickly.

Water run-off in porch

There may be a problem in drainage caused by a short pitch or slope in your yard, which prevents water run-off from being diverted away from the house.

The water run-off problem can’t be solved by trying to create a pitch. It can also attract termites. It is better to bury the area in gravel so that water seeps down through your lawn or landscape. Thus, water can be pitched to a low point in the yard away from the house.

Erosion of land

Some drainage problems may cause the erosion of land in many areas where excessive water emerges from pipe openings.

To solve this issue, but the rocks in the slide from where water emerges out from the pipe. It will act as a water slide for the pool to flow down.

Swampy areas

In homes, there are many areas where water continuously flows or retains there for a long time. It creates swampy areas that never seem to dry out. It could cause several issues. There may be chances of underground pipe cracks and leakages that emerge out in many areas of the house. This problem can also be caused due to ample drainage of water at a particular area on the ground.

One solution to this problem is to fill that area with small plants as they will slowly absorb the water in the soil surrounding it. If it could not be possible, these areas can be filled with perennials that could have to solve the problem and add some pleasing accents to your yards.

Improper Grading

Many times builders or landowners not able to grade their drainage correctly. It traps the water in one place, and it may then cause leakages in the house.

In this situation, a new drainage plan can only resolve the issue. It will help in redirecting the water in the right direction.

Surface depression

If water gets collected in the landscape area, it may be due to surface depression. These depressions allow the stream to create a mess.

This issue can be fixed by filling the depressed surfaces and low spots, so that water drains out of the weak spots and away from home.

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