How to find credible sources for your business essay

How to find credible sources for your business essay - how to find credible sources for research

If you need to write an essay on Business, you need to pick the information and statistics to cover your topic carefully. The source where you choose the data should be reliable. What does it mean? Any text you plan to use as a source for your business essay should adhere to the following criteria:

● The information should contain recent information on the topic.
● The source should have a trusted reputation.
● The authors should have authority in the field connected to the issue.
● The information contained in the source should be supported with evidence.

How to find credible sources for your business essay - how to find credible sources for research

So, where to find credible sources of information on business topics that you can use in your essay?

11 Tips to Find a Credible Source for Business Essay

1. Search for teacher’s notes.

Look through recommended literature that your teacher possibly has shared with you. You can frequently find a solid list of books, journals, websites, and blogs that your teacher considers credible and great to use. Besides, don’t forget to check your textbooks. They may also contain lists of recommended literature and online sources.

2. Ask for help.

If you have little time to research and write a business essay, you can ask a professional writer to write an essay for cheap. For example, with EssayShark, you will get a complete paper based on credible sources without effort. The author will cite the sources appropriately and create a bibliography.

3. Search for books and journals.

Seek more subject-specific books written by authors with high authority in the field. Depending on the topic, you can move to more general writing. Check out whether your college provides you access to libraries and online sources. At the same time, you can use Google Scholar to make a quick preview of articles related to your topic.

4. Look through newspapers.

Popular business newspapers are a good source of current information in various business fields. For example, Business Week and Wall Street Journal typically cover general topics, while Forbes and Fortune share more specific information on the subject. Nation’s Business is more about small businesses and startups.

5. Research articles.

Typically, colleges offer full-text access to articles and premium content from various business magazines like Harvard Business Review, Insider, the Economist, and others. Check whether your college gives access to journal databases like JSTOR and EconLit.

6. Find out information in trade journals.

If you need to write an essay on a specific industry, you can use materials from trade journals. Typically such publications share specifics of operation in various business fields, starting from coffee shops to real estate businesses.

7. Look at publications by business associations and research services.

For example, the Bureau of National Affairs and Commerce Clearing House has numerous articles and essays. You can subscribe or use the university access to paid information.

8. Keep track of publications by government agencies.

They frequently update newsletters on various issues connected to business operations and entrepreneurship. Besides, their reports may also contain helpful information and statistics.

9. Check out industry and market research reports.

If you need to make an industry or market overview, you should check such resources: BBC Research, Capital IQ, Frost & Sullivan, and IBISWorld. Such informational resources will give you trustful industry overviews, statistics, market analysis, and much more.

10. Look through country research databases.

If you need to research business conditions in foreign countries, explore Capital IQ, PitchBook, and CB Insights. In such resources, you can get financial data and reports, historical information about various countries, market situations in foreign countries, and others.

11. Discover more statistics and current research in working papers and dissertations.

For example, you can explore the IDEAS database from RePEc for more information or SSRN (Social Science Research Network).

Takeaway Note

To stay up to date with the situation in business sectors and economics, we recommend you subscribe to newsletters of authoritative business newspapers and magazines. All this will allow you to operate with current information and evaluate your critical thinking skills.
Besides, each year leading business publications make a list of the best business books. By reading such books, you will not only have pleasure from reading but also keep a pulse on current business issues and trends. For example, Financial Times has already published a list of the 15 best business books of 2022.

Wrapping Up

If you doubt the source’s credibility, don’t use it or consult your teacher. Always use only authoritative sources for essays on Business and other subjects. To be in the know, frequently read business-related news to quickly orient in various business topics.


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