How to Get the Perfect Custom Flight Tag for Your Suitcase

How to Get the Perfect Custom Flight Tag for Your Suitcase - How to get the perfect custom flight tag for your suitcase online

How do you ensure your suitcase stands out from the crowd and makes it’s way back to you should it get lost?

The answer: create a custom flight tag that reflects your personality and style.

In this blog post, we’ll share knowledge on how to create the perfect custom flight tag for your suitcase using 4inlanyards and other materials to make sure your luggage is easy to identify and locate.

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple when designing your custom flight tag. Its purpose is to identify your luggage, so make sure the information is easy to read. Stick with basic fonts and avoid clashing colors.

Remember that less is more.

Experiment with Texture, Color, and Shape

Experiment with texture, color, and shape to make your custom flight tag unique.

Use materials like leather or cork to make it stand out. Add bright colors or patterns for visual appeal.

Think of unique shapes, such as circles or hearts, to make it more attractive.

Make it Legible

Ensure the information on your custom flight tag is easy to read. Use bold fonts, avoid cursive or script fonts.

Include your name, address, and phone number to enable quick and easy return of lost luggage.

Reflect Your Personality and Style

Express your personality and style through your custom flight tag.

Design it reflecting your preferences, such as using the logo of your favorite sports team or colors you love.

The more it mirrors your personality, the more likely you’ll keep it on your luggage.

Use a Durable Material

Your luggage goes through a lot when you travel, so it’s important to use a durable material for your custom flight tag.

Consider using a material like leather or metal that can withstand wear and tear. Avoid using paper or cardboard, which can easily tear or get damaged.

Make Sure it Fits

Check the fit of your custom flight tag design to your luggage before finalizing. Measure the space where the tag will go to ensure proper sizing.


A custom flight tag is a must-have for travelers. It identifies luggage and shows personal style.

Create a perfect tag by keeping it simple, legible, and eye-catching with durable materials. Add creativity and personal touch to avoid losing luggage.


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