Choose the Right Diamond Shape for Your Style

Choose the Right Diamond Shape for Your Style

When you think of a finger ring, shine and shine are not the only things to consider. Your diamond shape is one of the first things people notice and say a lot about your personality and style of dress. Knowing the shape will also help you choose the right diamond.

But with so many beautiful diamonds on the market, the choices can be huge. With the advent of fashion, jewelry changes with time and professional carpenters always come out with a new beautiful style that surprises jewelers. So what does a girl do?

Popular Diamond Shapes

Popular Diamond Shapes

First, remember that the shape of a diamond differs from a diamond cut. You can see that the shapes and sections are looked at separately, but they are very different. Although a professional jeweler should cut a diamond to create a shape, the shape refers to the overall shape of the diamond, while the cut refers to the shape and size of the diamond.

There are several types of popular diamonds available, each beautiful and practical. Read on to find out the exact shape of diamonds, their different types, meanings and those that may suit you.

Round Diamonds

Round Diamonds

Round diamonds are the most popular form of diamond. Although it was built in the 1700s, Marcel Tolkovsky changed it in 1919, and we know it today as a brilliantly cut circular diamond.

The edges of the form 57 or 58 emit a light of the bottom of the diamond and are retired. This gives round diamonds the best brilliance.

This timeless, versatile and elegant classic diamond shape will soon be out of fashion. If you are looking for something more traditional, brighter and more elegant, a round cut may be the right choice for you.

Square Diamonds

Square Diamonds

Another traditional option is a square diamond. The most popular choice after finishing, square diamonds are like round diamonds because they are made for good light.

The most famous diamond spot is the Princess Diamond. From their defined parts to the shiny material, the diamond square is perfect for long fingers. In addition, they can be found anywhere in the world, especially in Dallas. Dallas Jewelers also has brilliant diamonds that you want to wear to special programs. For example, a princess hairstyle is a great choice for those who want to be refined and beautiful.

There are other beautiful parts to these diamonds. Round diamonds are not only cheaper than round diamonds, but they are also the best environment because they do not cause much waste when cut. So they are good for your looks, your wallet and the environment!

Oval Diamonds

Oval Diamonds

Although the oval is the oldest known diamond cut, it still has a modern look. In addition, a modified version of the round diamond gives a similar brilliance and fire.

Oval is a great choice for those with short hands or short fingers, giving the fingers an elongated shape.

Despite the classic elements of a round diamond, its unique shape is modern and contemporary. If you are in the middle of a classic and modern look, this may be the perfect look for you.

Triangular Diamonds

Triangular diamond

Triangular diamonds are cut in a brilliant style called “trillions”. As the name suggests, it is cut into pieces. The corners can be sharp and sharp or rounder and sharper.

In itself, it is not uncommon for triangular diamonds to be often used as stepping stones to create a clean and elegant look that stands out from other shapes.

Whether you want to decorate your diamond with triangular side stones or you want to stand out and use only a triangular shape, these diamonds are sure to shine and shine.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart shape diamond rings

Romantic and sentimental heart-shaped diamonds are a fun way to put a heart on your finger. Depending on the gear ratio and accuracy of diamond drilling, heart shapes can be wider or longer.

As a true symbol of love and romance, it is a great choice for an anniversary or engagement ring.

Marchesa Diamonds

Marchesa Diamonds

The historical form of the Marquis returned to status. This tall diamond is oval in shape with rounded corners and nails at each end.

These sharp and solid diamonds are another great choice for small hands or short fingers, giving them a longer look.

If you want something elegant and original, you can check out the diamond-shaped marquis.

Octagonal Shaped Diamond

Octagonal Shaped Diamon

The most octagonal diamond is the emerald cut. This particular quadrilateral has a soft side extending to the side. Although not a great gloss, it has a “Hall of Mirror” effect.

This diamond is flat and clean and large and has an “unusual” shape. In fact, it feels luxurious. This emerald looks perfect if you want it without the glitter.

Pear-shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped Diamonds

A hybrid between a marquee and an oval, the pear-shaped diamond is unique, modern and charming, combined into one. The pear-shaped diamond looks like a teardrop with a slightly rounded bottom and a sharp tip.

Depending on your personal preference, these diamonds may be thicker or thinner. Thanks to the excellent hairstyle, they also give a lot of shine and shine.

If you are looking for something unique but elegant, your radar should have a pear-shaped diamond. Just be careful, because the seams tend to crack. As with any sharp shape, make sure the diamond is positioned correctly.

Rectangular Diamonds

Rectangular DiamondsThe rectangular diamonds, the pillow cut is the most popular. Designed with parallel sides and rounded corners, the name fits well with its sleek and sleek design. With 58 sides, this stone is known as bright and shiny. Many believe that this cut is an old version of the round diamond.

The peculiarity of rectangular diamonds is that they offer several larger counters to make smaller stones larger.

If you are really an older girl, pillows could be your call when you think about the right diamond shape for your style.

How to Decide the Right Diamond Shape for You

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the right diamond shape. About your style and character. Here is a brief summary to help you make that decision.

After you’ve customized: If you’re usually easy and prefer to clean, look simple, consider a round diamond or square.

If you’re modern: do you like fashion and style more than ever before? If so, the oval may be for you.

If you like beauty: if you like beauty and luxury, look at the Marquis and the Emerald.

If you oppose the idea of wanting to live on the edge and cut yourself, try a triangle, a heart-shaped diamond or a diamond.

When you are younger: If you are a younger girl, look for diamonds, like pillows.

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it is important to choose one that suits your personality. Think about your budget, style, and what you want the diamond to say about you.


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