How Eyelash Extensions Reduce The Time It Takes To Get Ready

How Eyelash Extensions Reduce The Time It Takes To Get Ready - how long does it take for eyelash extensions to fall off

Eyelash extensions have been around for over a decade now and if you still haven’t tried them then one of the reasons you maybe interested is because of the way they can reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get ready in the morning during your make up routine.

Eyelash extensions last from 2 to 6 weeks depending on your lash cycle and how they replied and they allow you to wake up looking fresh every morning without any make up at all because they highlight your eyes and create that stunning mascara lock without any clumsiness while still feeling light and fluffy.

With a fresh set of lashes your morning make up routine can become as little as applying a small amount of foundation possibly some lip-gloss and then you’re ready to walk out the door.

For many women this can be an absolute game changer reducing a routine that had previously taken 30 to 60 minutes down to a quick five minute touch-up in the morning which at the end of a week can save several hours.

So How Are Eyelash Extensions Applied

Eyelash extensions Gold Coast have come along way in the last decade and now feel very
natural, very light and fluffy, and not pointy and rough and in the way like they used to many years ago. So for women who haven’t tried lashes in a long time it might be worth trying them again at a premium salon.

Lash extensions are when applied properly applied one external extension to one natural lash, there should be no lashes sticking together, and there should be no extensions touching the eyelid causing any irritation.

A full set of eyelash extensions takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on how many natural lashes you have, the speed and experience of your lash artist, and the type of extensions you are getting applied.

Lash extensions require an infill roughly every 2 to 3 weeks which takes about half as long as a full set of lashes and keeps your extensions looking very best because you as your natural lashes fall out the extensions obviously go along with them. The infill process starts by removing the grown out lashes (which gradually move the extensions away from the eyelid as the natural lash grows out) – then new extensions are applied to the base of those natural lashes, as well as your new natural lashes that have grown in (which must be mature enough to hold an extension)

It’s worth noting that when lashes are applied properly they won’t pull out the natural lash any earlier than it would have already fallen. Many women are afraid to get lash extensions because they’ve heard stories of people losing their natural lashes, or clumps of glue being applied and causing irritation to the eye area. These things will only happen when lashes are applied by inexperienced or poorly trained lash technicians – so it’s worth taking the time to do you research to find a salon who work with master lash technicians (those with hundreds or thousands of hours experience)

Once you’ve got your beautiful extensions applied you’ll cut down the time it takes to get ready in the morning and you’ll look incredible as soon as you wake up. So it’s perfect for the working week, as well as holidays where you’d rather spend your time out exploring and sight-seeing rather than spending excessive time getting ready for the day.


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