How to Rebuild Homes and Farms After Floods

How to Rebuild Homes and Farms After Floods

Recent examples of flooding include the situation in Primorye after rain in August and residents of several US states affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Wherever there is a house with a plot, the plan of action will be the same in case of a flood.

Front Door!Following the flood, the local authority called a meeting to assess the extent of the damage to the building. If your home is deemed not to have been reconstructed, you must either move to another apartment provided by the authorities or have the building restored for fair compensation. Usually from scratch.

The most important advice in the first stage is to be patient. Water does not disappear immediately and the space in the house should be drained before recovery begins. If the season is good, it may be a week or two after the floods before you can visit the area to see the effects of the ‘heavy rains’.

Yes, we bring water from the basement or apartment in case of an emergency. They have suitable equipment for that. But you can use a small water pump yourself to speed up the process.

Urgent! Experts recommend collecting everything they see on and off the site for storage after the flood. Photos, videos: They can all help you get coverage (if any) or pay for it on a reasonable budget.

Important Acts in Flooding

During a flood, it is very important to check gas, electricity and water immediately. Complete repairs should be done with proper operation, but you can also check the condition of your room by making sure the gas valve is closed on the iron. Remember that delivering electricity to a flooded house can be life-threatening.

When inspecting a flooded house, he needs rubber boots, gloves, some experts recommend breathing, because the poison contains dangerous chemicals, various contaminants have entered the area.

How to Rebuild a House

The process of rebuilding a home after a flood begins with efforts to remove furniture and more. Be sure to dry wood and printed furniture, carpets and personal items. So, throw away what you will never get back. You have to renovate your garden. The rest can be left in the garden to dry in the sun and wind.If so, check how strong the effect of water is. Plywood can’t be stored, and MDF is also a big problem.

In the first stage, the site itself is being thoroughly cleaned. The waterway must have produced a lot of garbage and should be removed. You may need professional help, such as clearing up fallen trees and removing huge amounts of dirt with water. You can and should ask for help.

Awkward floors may not be available. According to experts, some types of inlays and hardwood panels can survive without laminated linoleum, as well as drying out over time and not having too long a water cycle. These floors must be dropped on the floor. Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and stone floors are the most resistant to flooding.

If the tree is rooted, be sure to check its condition! Inspect the entire floor for cracks. Metal, plastic or acrylic, natural stone or brick-faced facades may survive the flood, but plaster and paint must be restored.

For interior walls, pay attention to the minimum water level. Say hello if you have drywall in your home. These wall coverings are not directly waterproof unless a waterproof option is used. However, such GCRs should also be considered.

Thoughts of Experts

Some experts believe that you can save money by not removing the entire dry cover or cutting off the floor, that is, the damaged area. In this regard, of course, you decide to save money by replacing only the damaged parts, but you may want to completely change your insurance coverage.

Be sure to clean and dispose of the waterproof bag. It is recommended that all survivors be treated with preservatives and other toxic substances, as some hazardous substances may be present. Wallpaper – flooring, re-gluing is not expensive, checking the condition of the walls and treating the surface with an antifungal agent to prevent the growth of mold.

Special electric or gas heaters allow you to dry your home quickly, but experts recommend using such equipment only when necessary. Quick drying can ruin and hide clothes.
Wooden doors and windows can be replaced, but plastic searchlights are preferred. In all cases, prevent windows and doors from moving, damaged or bent. Minor issues can be fixed.

Not only that, mineral wool does not directly resist moisture when used as insulation. It is better to remove it and insulate it again. Otherwise, it can cause dangerous mold and mold.

At the beginning of the article again I urge you to be patient! For example, even on sunny days and painting, the parquet floor dries for at least a month. Ventilate the room, let it dry, and make sure you come out of the basement. Disinfection is also required.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to sustain your crop, but garden plants can survive if the water flow is not strong enough. Yes, be sure to check the water condition of the wells or wells on site, as flooding can adversely affect water quality, which is mainly considered groundwater.


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