The Importance of Gun Safety in 2022

The Importance of Gun Safety in 2022
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Ironically, gun safety is still a hot topic of debate in 2022. This is down to several untoward incidents which claim innocent lives in the US annually. Due to mass shootings and criminal activities, the US government is looking to pass stricter laws in 2022; however, if the gun owners and dealers don’t do their part, these laws are useless. Many gun enthusiasts are responsible owners and prefer building their own firearms for personal safety and enjoyment. 80 lower receivers can be used to custom build your own gun. If you are still searching for a reason why strict gun laws are necessary in 2022, then the following information is for you.

School Shootings

Unfortunately, this problem is the leading cause why the US is looking for strict gun laws. As recent as May of this year, a school shooting in Texas elementary school killed 21 people, including 19 children. According to updated statistics, 2032 school shootings have occurred since 1970 and almost 984 since 2012. The numbers are pretty damning for a developed nation. The US is the only country that sees school shootings annually.

Number of Deaths

Almost 12 children die in gun-related incidents across the US, and an additional 32 are injured daily. These, as you can understand, are grim figures, especially when you factor in the age demographic. Gun violence is the leading cause of death among American youth between the ages of 12-19. Since access to a firearm is not regulated, there has been a sharp increase in school and mass shootings perpetrated by young ones. To cease this trend, the government must enact strict laws that allow for rigorous backchecks and heavy punishments. The problem can be solved by increasing the defined age limit and introducing exams related to gun safety laws.

Gun Safety Protocols

Nearly 4.6 million children in the country are exposed to firearms in their homes. Be it in locked storage or placed openly, the fact remains the children are influenced and intrigued by their presence. Additionally, nearly 68% of the guns used in recent mass and school shootings were acquired from home or, more alarmingly, were a birthday gift from a relative. Naturally, this statistic needs to be corrected if proper gun and safety laws are to be observed. This is where adults need to take some responsibility and teach their children proper gun safety laws. No matter how strict the government gets on guns, the issue will never improve if you have easy and unsupervised access to firearms at home.

Banning the Guns

For Americans, banning firearms is a difficult and contentious topic. However, banning is never the solution, as it would hurt the economy and other crucial factors. However, if strict laws are introduced and diligently followed, Americans can start to feel safe again.
Introducing more gun laws in 2022 is only effective if all the relevant agencies and the general population are on the same page. Gun hobby might be the purest form of entertainment, but following gun safety protocols will further enhance the experience.


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