How Can an Attorney Help You with Legal Assistance for Birth Injuries?

How Can an Attorney Help You with Legal Assistance for Birth Injuries? - birth injury lawyers near me
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The birth of the baby is the most delightful experience for the parents. But it can get overwhelming for those who go through a troubled pregnancy and delivery. A baby with birth defects makes it challenging for both parents and the family to raise the child. Add to this the financial burden, and you’ll know how complicated this problem is.
Sometimes, the birth defect happens because of the doctor’s negligence or a mistake. If you think there’s been a medical mistake on the specialists’ end, you can apply for compensation to ease the financial burden. Birth injury attorneys can help evaluate your case and determine whether you are eligible to file a case against the hospital.

Who is A Birth Injury Attorney?

Birth defect attorneys are part of the personal injury attorneys that provide legal assistance to newborns diagnosed with preventable birth defects. Some birth defects that affect your child’s physical and mental health require lifelong treatment. Sadly, 40% of the families that raise children with disabilities and special healthcare requirements struggle to pay their children’s medical bills.

This can get annoying when the birth defect is a mistake on the doctor’s end, and the parents end up with a hefty medical expense. Fortunately, legal assistance is available for such issues. Here’s what they do for you.

  • File a lawsuit against the gynecologists and healthcare workers who delivered the baby.
  • Collect evidence, such as witnesses and medical documents, to build a strong case.
  • Assist in getting financial compensation.

Do not underestimate birth injury compensation, as it has granted families millions in cases where the child was diagnosed with a severe birth injury. Consult a professional birth injury attorney to see if your case qualifies for legal assistance.

Hiring a qualified and experienced birth injury attorney is key to getting the right legal assistance. They will assess your case to determine your eligibility for filing a dispute against the hospital. Most attorneys allow a free consultation where they discuss the child’s injury, its causes, the medical bills, and other factors to build a case.

Medical Negligence During Childbirth

Proving that it was the medical team’s negligence in court and getting the deserved compensation is now possible with the attorney’s assistance. You can file a medical negligence case if any of the following events occur during, before, or after labor:

  • Failure to identify and resolve an infection
  • Failure to treat asphyxia and hypoxia
  • Giving medication to the mother without checking her medical history
  • Failure to carry out a required cesarean delivery
  • Not responding to emergencies like fetal distress, an entangled umbilical cord, or unstoppable bleeding
  • Failure to use birth tools, like a vacuum extractor or forceps
  • Putting extreme pressure on the child’s shoulders, hands, neck, back, or head when they come out of the birth canal
  • Failure to handle premature delivery complications
  • Filing a case against the hospital will not just help you get the necessary financial aid, but the parents will also get justice for any inappropriate treatment. The hospital might be required to modify its healthcare practices. They may have to install advanced equipment and rehire their staff members to ensure better care for future deliveries.


A birth injury attorney can help parents who are exposed to the financial burden of preventable medical issues. Although the injury can’t be reversed, the parents can get financial aid that will pay for the child’s care throughout the baby’s life. Try to assess the professional’s experience, qualifications, and certifications before hiring them. Use the free consultation with the attorney to ensure your case is in good hands.


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