Can You Make A Baby Shower Fun For Everyone?

Can You Make A Baby Shower Fun For Everyone? - funniest baby shower games ever

Baby showers are thrilling occasions. You must be so excited to arrange one for someone very special to you!

Lots of emotional support can be felt at this all-important time. That love often translates to touching gestures as well, as every attendee of the baby shower contributes some much-needed gifts for mom or baby use.

Of course, a baby shower is about more than the parent and child alone. Many guests put a lot of effort into them, not only in the gifts they buy but also in what they wear and how they present themselves for the big day. It can be a special occasion for everybody.

So, with that in mind, it’s important to ensure that all the people lucky enough to participate in the baby shower have a great time. But how can you make certain that’s the case? Read on after the jump for some tips!

Break Everything Down

Dissecting the baby shower to-be might be decidedly less fun than the event itself. Still, an event planned well will always be the most enjoyable!

Start by breaking everything down. What time do you want guests to arrive? Can you divide the day into sections? When should guests ideally leave? Remember, you don’t have to obsess over these details, but having a framework to follow at least roughly can give your baby shower some structure and momentum. No part of the day will drag on for longer than it should.

You could even think about some of the details after the event too. For example, you could send out cards of appreciation! Take a look at Greenvelope’s resources on how to word baby shower thank you cards so that you can express your heartfelt thanks as earnestly as possible. The advice here is immensely useful and will help your guests reflect on the event with rose-tinted glasses. You can hand these out on the day as a souvenir or ASAP afterwards, highlighting your willingness to give back.

Whether it’s a baby shower, thank you card wording or scheduling different aspects of the day, the overarching idea is to make the baby shower feel more three-dimensional and genuine. It shows that you value t guests’ time and that their company is valuable to you in its own right. If you expect people to show up, give the parent stuff, and go home… well, it may rightly ruffle some feathers!

Open Up the Audience

In the past, baby showers were reserved as a women’s-only event. Today, things are different, just as the world becomes more inclusive in all aspects of life.

Men can attend baby showers, too, as can people identifying in any other capacity.

Moreover, the parents’ guests can come from various settings too; the workplace, any clubs they go to, or even those they met simply strolling around the neighborhood. Put simply, baby showers don’t need to be comprised of their loyalist and best girlfriends alone! The more doors you open, the greater the possibilities!

Having virtual attendees could be a good idea. If the parent has loved ones overseas, then you can bring those people in to witness the big event too. Many surprises go down well at a baby shower, so you could explore that avenue if you feel especially cunning! Ensure the internet connection is strong wherever celebrations are taking place.

Some people prefer their baby showers to be a smaller, female-only occasion, and we suppose that’s okay if the parent feels very strongly about that. At the same time, though, the baby shower may not be as fun as it could be if a whole bunch of people are left out. Either way, checking the guest lists with the parent and others may be a good idea to ensure no controversial figures appear.

Share Planning Duties

Ensuring the baby shower runs as it should be a logistical challenge. You may be able to ensure these duties aren’t so stressful by sharing the planning responsibilities.

Bringing others into the fold might help. A trusted loved one could help with anything from the guest list to decorating your abode. They may also have keener insights into certain attending guests and know how best to get them laughing and comfortable. If your co-planners are also guests, having a hand in the arrangements can add to how much they enjoy the occasion as well. After all, they’ll see the results of their hard work pay off first-hand!

You could also share planning duties by merging your baby shower with another party. Ensure you have your loved one’s permission first before you do this. Still, getting the go-ahead can involve more people and help you collaborate with others on the other side of the deal. Moreover, more than one person will get doted upon, which may create a more giving atmosphere where the parents can celebrate each other as well as themselves.

Everybody wins!

Ultimately, baby showers don’t always need to be about putting people on pedestals. Instead, you could create a feeling of togetherness around a truly special occasion.


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