Whether you own your own vehicle or you lease a car, you likely have to budget a decent amount of money each month for your car-related expenses. In some instances, these expenses can be very high, especially if you drive an expensive car, put a lot of miles on your car each month, or have aggressive driving habits.

But luckily, with a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle, you can start to save a lot of money on these monthly expenses. To show you how this can be done, here are three ways to save money on car ownership costs.

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Learn How To Make Some Of Your Own Repairs

Maintenance costs for driving a car can sometimes happen out of the blue and take you by surprise when they’re needed. But with the right preventative maintenance, you can save yourself both time and trouble.

To make this savings even more pronounced, Kerri Anne Renzulli, a contributor to Money.com, recommends that you learn how to make some of your own repairs, especially on common or simple maintenance tasks. Some of the best things to learn how to do on your own when it comes to preventative car maintenance include replacing your windshield wiper blades, changing spark plugs or fuses, and replacing your lights. If you want to go even further, you could do things like change your own oil and oil filter as well as other tasks.

Research Other Car Insurance Options

Another large, monthly expenses that you have to pay as a car owner is for car insurance. However, if you’re just sticking with the same car insurance you’ve had for years just because you don’t really think about it or are too lazy to do the research necessary to switch, you could be losing out on a lot of potential savings.

According to Brandon Ballenger, a contributor to Money Talks News, people who research their car insurance options and switch for a better rate often save about $350 each year. And since about 43 percent of the people who do the research to find better coverage actually wind up switching because of it, you could wind up saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year simply by spending a short time seeing what else is out there.

Save On Fuel By Relaxing Behind The Wheel

As was mentioned above, people who drive aggressively often find themselves spending more money on monthly fuel costs when compared to other, less aggressive drivers.

If you’re someone who tends to drive aggressively but are also someone who wants to spend less at the pump each month, William Cummings, a contributor to USA Today, recommends that you do things like slow down by keeping to the speed limit and that you avoid slamming on your brakes or jumping on the gas, all of which can severely cut down on your gas mileage.

If car ownership has become a little more expensive than you might like, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways to cut back on some of these monthly expenses.

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