Tips to Select Your Ideal Sofa

Tips to Select Your Ideal Sofa - common mistakes when buying a sofa

We all enjoy relaxing on a high-quality sofa with luxurious sitting and incredibly supportive back cushions after a hard day’s work.

How do you choose the best sofa when shopping? A decent sofa can change your life. There are numerous factors to consider, from fabric selection to seat depth. This article will cover all the essential information, both obvious and less apparent, about choosing the ideal sofa for your house.

8 Top tips that will help you get the perfect sofa set.

1. Choose the cloth that best suits your needs

Choose the cloth that best suits your needs.

The age-old query that prospective sofa buyers frequently start with: leather or fabric? Both choices have advantages, and we have presented our argument for leather here. If you choose a fabric sofa, your decision-making process still needs to be completed.
Today, consumers have various fabric options, each having a different substance, texture, and color. Each material, from plush velvet to high-tech polyester, has unique features and properties.

Think about how and by whom your sofa will be used from a practical aspect before deciding on the ideal fabric. The finest fabrics would be solid and straightforward to maintain, like polyester or a mixed composition that would hold up well over years of reclining, especially in a temperate climate, for couches that will see plenty of mileage in heavy traffic areas like your living room.

Performance textiles from Castlery are made to resist heavy use and require little upkeep, making them ideal for families with children and pets! They also come in a wide range of textures and shades that you can combine. You can get up to three complimentary Castlery swatches to feel and see them in person before making a selection.

2. Adapt your measurements to your needs

Adapt your measurements to your needs.

A homeowner’s fantasy might be a comprehensive, roomy sofa. However, depending on your needs and available space, you might only sometimes be able to go big.
Start by paying attention to the sofa’s height, length across the back, and depth from front to back. Does it provide you enough room to move around it without feeling crowded? Are you OK with the sofa’s height?

Your comfort is also significantly impacted by seat depth. A cozy, cuddly seat depth starts at 57 cm and goes up.

Less well-known measurements may also impact how much you love the sofa. For instance, the height of a sofa’s legs might impact how spacious a room appears. Longer legs lift the sofa and create the appearance of more space.

3. Adapt to how you live

Adapt to how you live

It’s crucial to keep your favorite lounging style in mind when you shop because humans are creatures of habit.

Do you enjoy spreading your legs wide while you’re stretching? Your tastes will match those of our sectional sofas. As an alternative, consider incorporating an ottoman or pouf as a quick fix for additional leg support.

Our well-liked modular couches, like our Alfie or Todd sectional sofa, will provide you the choice of arrangement if you desire a more adaptable setup to fit various needs and circumstances.

4. A sturdy frame is essential

A sturdy frame is essential

Sofas are considered investment furniture for a reason. The interior architecture of the furniture is one factor that justifies the price tag on a high-quality sofa because it will last you for many years. A sturdy wood frame can last for up to 15 years and beyond, although less expensive frames may warp and collapse sooner.

Castlery quality control couches have been produced through a rigorous production process to achieve high-quality construction requirements for our robust timbre frames, ensuring that our sofas can withstand the test of time.

5. Include color and texture

Include color and texture

Since corner couches are naturally large, great pieces of furniture, why not make yours a focal point by adding vibrant, funky pillows and accessories? Your L-shaped couch can have a great, opulent look and become incredibly comfy to stretch out and rest on by piling up brightly patterned or block color cushions.

Your interior d├ęcor will get depth and richness by layering the various colors and patterns. To guarantee that your sofa unifies the space and appears to be a crucial component of your layout, use colors or patterns that also occur in other design scheme components.

6. Complement other soft furnishings with your corner sofa.

Sofas and rugs go together like bread and butter. Rugs will brighten up your home and help to define your seated area. A high-quality rug will also anchor your sofa, emphasizing the focal point of your living space.

Look for a rug that reflects your sofa’s hue, design, or aesthetic. This pairing will make your interior design look more cohesive and highlight the sofa as the focal point of your living space. To unify your entire decor, you might incorporate similar design elements into your drapes, cushions, and other soft furnishings.

7. Move Beyond Normative Measurements

Most of us know the importance of a sofa’s measurements for a proper fit. Standard dimensions like width, depth, and height guarantee enough room on the walls for the furniture to breathe. A 2-seater sofa is ideal for smaller spaces or a guest room, while a 3-seater sofa would accommodate most living rooms in Singapore.

Less well-known measures, though, may have an impact on how much you enjoy the couch. The height of the sofa’s legs might impact how open a space appears. For instance, the couches in our Ethan Collection have long, slender legs for a beautifully composed form that creates a roomier atmosphere.

8. Look Out for Customizable Options

Look Out for Customizable Options

The majority of Castlery sofas provide you with the choice of having your sofa constructed from various unique fabric colors. A specific sofa design might take on a new look and feel by being covered in a different color.

Some couches also have various leg finishes, allowing your favorite couch to match the furniture it is paired with. Additionally, it ensures you won’t share the same generic couch as everyone else. You may easily add a Castlery swatch to your cart on the product page if you create a visual mood board. Up to three complimentary swatches can be delivered to your home upon request.


Castlery is a famous brand that is known for their high quality and unique furniture. They are specially known for their specialty in designing and furnishing sofa and their structure for modern living space. Castlery has a virtual studio that allows you to shop online. Before selecting your ideal sofa always keep in mind your budget and the durability of the furniture you purchase.


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