Nashville is a cooling market: Redfin remarks that the sales price of a one-bedroom home has dropped over 9% in the last year, showing that those who would like to sell their property need to work hard to entice buyers. While the average time on the market is only 43 days, which is lower than the national average of about 55 days, this can feel like an incredibly long time to an anxious seller who wishes to receive their funds and move on to the next chapter of their life.

When you’re getting ready to sell your house, you have many things to think about, such as fixing roof problems to improve your home value, but you may be missing something: the state of your carpets. It’s easy to overlook this essential but underappreciated component of your home, but having well-groomed flooring can make a huge difference in whether someone comes away from their viewing ready to make an offer or whether they move on to another property.

Today, we’ll examine the most pressing reasons you should consider getting a professional carpet cleaning before selling your home.

Carpets Impact Air Quality

No one wants to walk into a house and immediately begin sneezing, especially not in a house they’re considering buying. Unfortunately, carpets are magnets for all manner of allergens – and Nashville carpets, in particular, are cursed with fighting the intrusion of mold and pollen thanks to a long growing season and high humidity.

More than that, poorly kept carpets will create a subtle but pervasive musty smell that can easily turn off buyers because of the next reason here: the emotions involved in buying a home.

Home Sales Are Very Subjective

While most of us would like to think that we’re rational beings and that we’re not overawed by things that we logically know don’t really matter about a potential home; however, this is simply not true. The ‘feel’ of a home greatly impacts how buyers think about properties for sale, even if they recognize that its location, structural integrity, and repair history are the most important elements of assessing a purchase.

Everything from colors to candle scents can make a big impression on how a buyer thinks of a place they’re interested in, which is why so many sellers turn to professional home stagers to help them close the deal. One of the first tips that any good stager will give you is to ensure that both the interior and exterior are spotless – including the carpets.

Though a buyer may not consciously recognize that the carpet is dingy, they will take note of it, impacting how they feel about your property. A nice, clean carpet helps to tell a story of a well-groomed house that they can see themselves enjoying: one they’ll see as home.

Good Carpets Are an Asset

While not everyone likes carpets, many people find them comfortable and cozy, particularly those with small children: they make a safe place for kids to play without worrying about nasty falls and bruises. Most buyers want their home to be almost ready to move in, so they don’t want to replace the carpets; instead, they’d like to mrofocus on more aesthetic and inexpensive details, like painting the walls.

Luxurious carpets assure buyers that they can save this particular home upgrade for later, which is important when they’ve just spent so much money; the average Nashville homeowner puts down at least 6% on the total price, and this doesn’t include closing costs, movers, and new furniture. If you can promise buyers an excellent home experience right out of the box, they’ll be more inclined to put in an offer than a home they recognize will need a lot of work. Since Nashville

How to Find a Reputable Carpet Cleaner

Your first step is to do a quick Internet search of “Carpet cleaning Nashville, TN” to learn your options, then investigate each option for their affordability, reputation, and techniques. Be sure to review customer reviews, as this can tell you a great deal about whether this company provides good value and satisfies its clients. You should also ask them questions about the types of products they use, their credentials, and their timeline for getting things done.

Don’t hesitate to get multiple quotes and compare your options: this cleaning can make or break your possibility of selling your home quickly, so you shouldn’t skimp on your research.

In conclusion, carpets are a commonly overlooked component of whether a home sells or not; even though they are an aesthetic choice, they make a big impression on how people feel about a home. To ensure you have the best chance of getting great bids, be sure to take time and have your carpets cleaned before you take those all-important interior shots of your home for a listing.

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