Sleep Deprived? Take These Actionable Steps to Sleep More

Sleep Deprived? Take These Actionable Steps to Sleep More - how to sleep better at night naturally

Most people fall into two categories: those who can get into bed and fall deep asleep within seconds…and, well, everyone else! If you fall into the latter category, which you do since you’re reading this, you may be wondering what you can do to help you change groups and become one of those rare entities that wake up feeling refreshed. Fortunately, there are several things you can attempt to achieve this goal and change your life for the better.

Find Out What’s Causing Your Sleep Concerns

The first step toward quality sleep is finding out what is causing the disruption in the first place. There are many potential causes of sleep problems, including stress, anxiety, poor sleep hygiene, medical conditions, and medications.

To get the best results, it’s essential to identify what’s causing your sleep issues in order to tackle them head-on. According to one sleep publication over at, a little research can result in the discovery of practical tips that truly work. One of the most effective ways is by keeping track with a sleep diary – noting when you go to bed, how long it took for you to drift off if there were any disturbances during the night, and how well-rested you feel after waking up. Doing so may help uncover patterns or triggers contributing to poor-quality shuteye.

Avoid Alcohol And Nicotine

Alcohol and nicotine are consumed by millions (maybe even billions) of people worldwide. They both, however, have the effect of making it harder to fall asleep and disrupting sleep while one is asleep. Alcohol, in particular, is well-known to cause severe sleep issues because your body is constantly attempting to digest and break down the alcohol.

Moreover, once it has been broken down, it tends to form glucose which causes further disruption by causing energy spikes throughout the night. On the contrary, nicotine, which acts like a stimulant, makes it tougher for us to drift off and stay asleep. Smokers (or users of e-cigarettes) may find themselves unable to wind down at nighttime; they experience more alertness than they should be feeling.

Avoid Alcohol And Nicotine - effects of smoking and drinking at the same time

Speak To Your Doctor Regarding Medication

Medication should always be a last resort when possible, but in some cases, it could be the only thing keeping you from going completely insane from insomnia. If you’ve done everything to get a good night’s rest but still have no luck, it may be time to talk with your doctor about medication.

Before scheduling an appointment, keep a sleep diary, as previously mentioned, for two weeks so that the doc can gain more insight into your sleeping habits and figure out what type of meds best suit your needs. There are various medications available, including prescription or over-the-counter, that can help you catch some ZZZs. Your physician might suggest short-term solutions like sleep aids or long-term treatments such as antidepressants that also enhance slumber quality.

Maintain a Regular Exercise Routine (Just Not Right Before Bedtime)

If your lack of sleep results from having unspent energy sloshing around your body, you might find that regular exercise to rid yourself of the excess is the perfect remedy. Any form of workout is fine, but try to avoid rigorous exercise just before bed, as this could be counter-productive.

Sleep is absolutely vital for the human body, but too often, we simply don’t get enough of the stuff. Nonetheless, understanding the reasons and finding the right solutions will make it far easier to slip into a better routine over time.


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