Want to Change Careers? 6 Reasons to Work in Public Safety

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Interested in changing careers? Nowadays, lots of people are switching careers. So for all those that are contemplating this question, this article will be helpful for you. Over the past year, 32% of people aged 25 to 44 have considered a career change. Additionally, since starting their first job after graduating college, 29% have changed career fields entirely.

These are powerful stats, as they highlight that many of the world’s population are willing to make the jump and try new jobs. When you put it into context, it’s actually an exciting prospect, as it enables greater freedom for employees. Plus, it means people are no longer boxed in like they were back in the old days when ‘jobs for life’ existed.

What are The Most Common Reasons for Changing Careers?

There are hundreds of reasons why people change careers, including:

  • Dissatisfaction with current job
  • To earn more money
  • To experience a new city
  • To be closer to friends and family
  • To try new challenges

So, if you’re thinking about changing careers, one of the best sectors you can enter is public safety.

Around the world, public safety professionals are highly valued by the general population. Every day, they go to work to serve and protect the public, which is highly commendable.

Why are Public Safety Professionals Important?

Public safety professionals are very important, from public safety officers to firefighters and soldiers. They respond to dangerous and light-threatening situations every day, as well as keep crime levels as low as possible. Without them, the world would be a much more dangerous place. And with the projected growth job availability in public safety expected to grow by 37% from 2020 to 2025, there’s never been a better time to enter the industry.

If you’re interested in working in public safety, you can start your journey by studying a public safety management degree. It’s the first program of its kind in Canada and is 100% online. This means that you can study remotely from home without having to worry about other commitments. For example, if you have an existing job, you will be able to juggle between work and study easily. Plus, you can customize your degree to suit your professional goals, which will really benefit you.

By studying a public safety management degree, you will:

  • Learn the hard and soft skills required to be a professional in your chosen field
  • Understand the objectives of different public safety organizations
  • Grow your knowledge surrounding the economic and social factors underpinning public safety policy

So, whether you’re a young adult or a seasoned professional looking for a fresh career change, you should consider studying a public safety management degree.

The Benefits of a Career in Public Safety

Now, let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of a career in public safety.

1. Every Day is Full of Excitement and Challenges

Whether you’re a police officer or firefighter, every day is exciting and challenging in the world of public safety. In comparison to the typical office job, it’s completely different. You’ll frequently go to new locations, meet new people, and encounter new challenges. Not only is this great for your professional growth, but it’s also good for your personal growth.

2. You Get to Protect the Public

In the US, violent crime is on the up (and has been for some time). In Canada, there were around 5,856 crimes offenses per 100,000 residents in 2020. All of this indicates something important: public protection is more important than ever.
In life, there aren’t many jobs where you get to protect everyday people. However, if you choose to work in public safety, you can.

This is why many police officers report that they have very high job satisfaction. Overall, 56% of police officers state that they’re satisfied with their jobs, and only 26% are somewhat or very dissatisfied. Clearly, despite the challenges that come with being a police officer, it is a highly rewarding job.

Interestingly, 75% of police officers in the US state that the main reason for doing the job is to serve their communities. So, if you’re someone who has the passion and desire to help your community, you’re highly likely going to be satisfied with being a police officer.

3. Advancements in Technology

In the old days, public safety workers were reliant on just their physical bodies. However, technology has now evolved to a point where it can make life a lot easier for public safety officers and other professionals.

Throughout human history, there’s never been a better time to experience the benefits of technology in the public safety sector. Here are some examples of the technology:

  • Facial recognition software
  • Body cameras (which have now become essential for police officers when collecting evidence and settling disputes)
  • Drones
  • Smartphone tracking

As the future unfolds, it’s likely that technology will continue to advance and make day-to-day operations easier for public safety workers.

4. Become Part of a Reputable Team

Many people fear starting a new job because they won’t get along with their co-workers or that their co-workers won’t be of a good standard. However, when you enter the world of public safety, you will be working with top-level employees who want the best for you. On a daily basis, you will work closely with reputable teams in different departments who all have the same end goal: to protect the public.

5. Mobility

A lot of the time, you will be out on the road in this profession. This is great if you’re someone who wants to be mobile and not stuck in one place all the time (e.g., the office or a retail store). For example, most on-duty police officers are always out on the move attending callouts and patrolling their designated communities.

6. Enticing Salaries

Last but not least, you’ll get paid a good salary. Here are the highest paying states for police officers. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to retire early (sometimes after 20 years of service) and collect a healthy pension. What more could you want from a job?


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