When is it Time to Get a Stair Rail in Your Home?

When is it Time to Get a Stair Rail in Your Home - handrail length for 13 stairs

Stair rails are essential to health and safety within the home, particularly for individuals with limited mobility or physical disabilities.

Sometimes referred to as stair handrails or bannisters, stair rails enable individuals to easily navigate their homes. They significantly reduce the risk of falls and injuries so that homeowners can remain independent while staying safe.

The popularity of stair rails has increased significantly over the last decade as more people realise their importance for a safe home. You might be curious whether you need to install bannisters in your home and the advantages of doing so.

When is it Time to Install a Stair Handrail in Your Home?

Bannisters can be useful for many people, not just those with disabilities. They may be necessary to keep children and pets safe or aid an ageing individual in navigating their home safely.

If you are planning a home renovation or remodelling project that involves your staircase, it is an opportune time to include a stair rail in the design. But how do you know when it’s the right time to add rails to your home?

Here are some indications that it might be time for you to get stair handrails in your home.

Your mobility has declined

Reduced mobility is a common symptom of ageing, and you might find that, as you enter your senior years, climbing the stairs becomes tricker. Even if you’re okay mobility-wise, you might need to adapt your home for an older relative who is struggling.

Installing handrails on the stairs can provide support and stability for you or your relative. Stair rails will reduce the risk of falls and injuries, making climbing the stairs easier and safer.

You have a physical disability

If you are managing a long-term disability that impacts your balance and coordination, you might benefit from getting stair handrails in your home. A stair bannister will provide you with physical support when ascending or descending the stairs, enabling you to navigate your home with ease.

You have young children or pets

Stair handrails are an essential safety feature for those of you with young children and/or pets at home. They will protect your children from falling on the stairs and injuring themselves. They can also be a great barrier to keeping pets from accessing certain rooms in the house.

There’s a high volume of foot traffic in your home

If your home has more foot traffic than before, you might want to consider installing handrails. Whether there’s an increase in the number of occupants in your home or you’re expecting more visitors, stair rails lower the chances of accidents and injuries.

Stair rails also make your home more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. With sturdy rails to grab onto, your occupants and guests can confidently navigate your home, knowing they’re not at risk of falling and sustaining a nasty cut or sprain.


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