Yamaha Yz125 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

Yamaha Yz125

So you’re on a Yamaha YZ125 and you want to know how to make it sing? That’s not a tall order, but the first thing you need to do is look at your competition divisions. If you’re planning on riding for rankings, you need to know which modifications are legal for your riding class and age. Once that’s covered, it’s a matter of finding the best ones. That is easiest on the unlimited class, where there are few restrictions, but you can tune up little things like the seat height and grips for more comfort and a better riding experience no matter who you are, and that kind of upgrade does lead to increased rider performance.

Here are some more hands-on changes you can make on Yamaha Yz125.

Upgrade the Parts Made To Wear

The least expensive and most integral upgrades are to the parts that wear out. You can gain leaps and bounds with power and efficiency through extensive upgrades and then lack the ability to use that power if the day to day stuff like the spark plugs are still stock. Start with that day to day stuff, though, and it’s going to be rugged enough for the big upgrades later.

  • Brake pad and caliper upgrades
  • Performance rotors
  • Upgraded shocks and forks
  • Performance batteries
  • Expanded intake
  • Gear changes through sprocket upgrades

All of these are easy to do and fairly simple to learn, so if you are looking to get into a DIY mood with your Yamaha YZ125 aftermarket parts and accessories, they make a great starting point.

Gear Up With Accessories for Comfort

Whether you’re talking apparel or accessories that sit on the bike, customizing your ride is a key part of making the most out of your experience. That means a good dirt bike helmet, similar to what you see when shopping for snowmobile riding gear and accessories. You don’t necessarily need a face shield for every event, but the jaw protection is important for off-road sport riding. It’s also a good idea to get one with a removable face shield if you want to ride with an open helmet, because you can add it back on when doing events where you wish you did have one. You’ll get the best experience there out of one with strong anti-fog protection, too.

Along with the helmet, pads and padded riding suits are a must-have for off-road riding that pushes the limits. Once you’re padded up, consider extra protection for your bike in the form of guards and bars, so you can keep branches bouncing off those instead of more vital parts. Finally, let’s talk tires.

Tires for the Occasion

The biggest lie the devil ever told a dirt bike rider is “all-terrain.” That’s not to say all-terrain tires are bad, it’s just to say they aren’t really universally useful on any terrain. It’s more like they were designed for situations where you have to ride across several terrains and you can’t afford to use a tire that will be bad in any of them. That means there are a lot of situations where it’s your best choice, but for a consistent riding environment with no terrain shifts, a more specifically designed tire will do you more good. Invest in tires for the specific event types you’ll be riding, and then change them out to suit. You can find the tires you need at the same place you go for your other gear, so look at the biggest online selection of dirt bike parts and accessories today for more cheap motorcycle riding gear.


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