Cool Building Maintenance Hacks for the Homeowner

Cool Building Maintenance Hacks for the Homeowner - surprising household hacks

Let’s face it, owning and managing a family home is no cakewalk; the average two-storey family residence is a complex network of systems that each has specific roles. We had a conversation with a seasoned property owner and they gave us a few valuable building maintenance hacks that we’d like to share with the world.

  • Presource services – Why wait until you have a blocked drain to find a specialist like Mr Blocked Drains when you can store their emergency call-out number now? The same goes for an electrician, a roofing contractor, a tree surgeon, a carpenter and a plumber. Be prepared and life is less stressful. Every number should be stored on your smartphone and anytime you need help, speed dial is there! Try to find contractors that don’t charge for a call-out outside of regular hours, they are out there.
  • Roof inspections – Of course, there are parts of your roof that aren’t visible from the ground and how would you know if you lost a few roof tiles due to heavy wind? Call your local roofer and have him inspect the roof every 6 months and should there be any minor issues, have them dealt with before they become major.
  • DIY skills –If you have the time and the inclination, honing your DIY skills will save you some money. As time passes, you can accumulate tools as you need them and with YouTube videos, you can do any job without much trouble. The wonders of digital tech have changed the way we live; you could build a house from scratch by following videos, so don’t think for one minute that you are not capable of doing a job. Click here for rethinking your living room layout.
  • Prompt repairs save money – If there is a universal law, it is that small issues become big ones; if you have a leaking faucet, change it sooner rather than later. It is easy to become complacent and decide to wait until a more convenient time, but that will likely cost you a little more. If we are talking about a leaking roof, this is one job that needs to be done asap.
  • Take a proactive approach – You can do things like having your roof sealed and adding some extra loft insulation; there are ways that you can protect your home, which might cost money but will save you in the long run.
  • Compare quotes – There are good and not-so-good contractors and prices will vary; whether a roofing contractor or a plumber, Google is your buddy and can quickly locate what you are looking for. This might result in several approaches to a job; there are often numerous ways to do something.

So, there you have it! Some amazing hacks from a seasoned homeowner and if you have the right approach, your home will always be in good order. When you plan home improvements, you can make good use of your local connections.


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