Rethinking the living room: The top tips on creating a bold and unique living room

The top tips on creating a bold and unique living room

The living room is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in a home. From spending time with family and friends to simply a room for relaxing after a long day, the living room is one of the most visited areas of the home – for both the household and guests.

However, sometimes it can be neglected. Many people will design their living rooms without much effort, since after all, it’s just the living room – it’s not like it’s where you can cook (like a kitchen) or where you go to sleep at night (like your bedroom), so what’s the big deal?

Well, believe it or not, but the living room is just as essential to the wellbeing of its inhabitants as other rooms in the home. So, how can you create a bold and unique living room that not only appeals to your tastes, but also impresses any visitors?

Keep reading to find out!

Bold colour palette

If boldness is what you’re looking for, then playing around with your colour palette is exactly what you need to do. We don’t just mean incorporating neutral colours and calling it a day – while neutrals are certainly pleasing to the eye, they are also overused (dare we say, boring?).

Instead, opt for brighter and vibrant colours like yellows and blues. If you’re hesitant, why not try it out by simply painting one side of the wall as an accent wall?

Lighting, lighting, lighting…

The key aspect when it comes to lighting in the living room is to carefully choose where and what lighting to implement. You can find a variety of different lighting fixtures at an online lights shop, offering high quality lighting solutions to suit all types of styles and tastes.

We recommend choosing either a statement ceiling light or a standard ceiling light with a statement lamp that’s placed on an end table.

Funky furniture

A unique living room isn’t complete without cool and funky furniture. Whether that’s in the form of hairpin leg tables and chairs, or antique pieces that become the focal point of the room is up to your own stylistic preferences. No matter the aesthetic, remember to not go overboard with the furniture.

This means that too much furniture probably isn’t the best style choice, nor is mixing too many different styles of furniture awkwardly. Experiment with styles, yes, but stick to a consistent theme if you can.

Break down some walls

Now, if you’re planning on selling your home in the future, breaking down some walls (if possible) and creating an open-plan living room can truly add value to your home – both in its property value and its aesthetic.

While an open-plan space offers a modern look and feel, it also provides you with a multitude of opportunities to create a bespoke and original space that impresses family members and guests alike.

Bottom line

The road to making your living room as bold and one-of-a-kind as you can relies on many factors, but the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and go out of your comfort zone. It’s your own space, after all!


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