What Factors to Consider When Choosing Vacuum Sensors

What Factors to Consider When Choosing Vacuum Sensors

When choosing a new vacuum pump or soap to clean your shower, it is important to use the right method.

It is important to choose the right vacuum measurement.

Many factors affect the entire examination process and determine the decision-making process. Each meter has its own purpose, aesthetics and advantages. By following these tips, we can help you choose a free option for your phone.

1. Size and accuracy of the camera

2. Turbo lab slot design

3. The process or product is used free of charge

4. Connect to the System.

5. The redness and fixation

Vacuum Measurement Options

Let’s take a look at the car before moving on to the main one. There are two main symptoms in open space: immediate and indirect symptoms.

Description Displayed

The actual money earned depends on the type of gas (known as non-gas) and the need for food. Works well at loads over 10-4 mbar. This allows you to rely on the molecular structure of that body and not be too difficult to verify. Understand:

Peas – capture size and compression up to 1 mbar when changing the system.

Phone: Shows weight, works well, needs tuning

Strengths: infidelity, friends can start at around 10-4 mbar

Unexplained Symptoms

Induction is usually based on two processes: heat transfer or ionization. Both depend on the type of gas, so it’s important to know which gas pump you’re trying to measure. Depending on the type of gas, a gas transformer can be used. These programs fall into three categories:

Piran thermometers are used in semi-open chambers, often as an alternative to piezo / capacitance sensors where accuracy is not required.

A cold cathode – an ionizing meter – is used to indicate pressure at medium and high altitudes.

Hot cathode ionization meter – used for medium and ultra high lens – higher accuracy than cold cathode and wider range, high power and resilience and no vibration / shock energy.

There are other areas on the invisible screen – active and tolerant. Most of the signals you see in the active market are equipped with electronic signal settings that provide a simple 0-10 V or other in-device output. However, in high-radiation environments, this can damage your electronics. Under these conditions, a version of the meter can be obtained using the electronics inserted in the controller installed at the airport. But that’s another matter.

Vacuum Level and Precision

Vacuum Level and Precision

The height of the gap is perhaps the most important factor.

They are inspiring because it is clear that a tool is needed to measure the severity of the work. The general symptoms and symptoms are as follows:

  1. Low vacuum: more than 1 mbar of air
  2. The vacuum is simple: 1 mbar to 10 -3 mbar
  3. Empty height: 10 -3 mbar to 10 -9 mbar
  4. Vacuum at high speed: 10 -9 mbar to 10 -12

Lower or middle vacuum: there are many choices, both direct and indirect, so it is very important to know the requirements of your business to choose the right solution. ‘nula.

The open space is high and large – they have free space and also use two invisible lines, a hot cathode or a cold cathode.

Effect of System or Application on Gauge

Emotional factors play an important role in the choice of how they are affected. The impact of the application and its potential impact on the chosen size technology must be carefully considered:

1. Dust or dirt from the process

2. Hazardous gases such as chlorine or acid mixtures in the presence of moisture

3. Bleeding often

4. I am vibrating

5. X-ray photography or X-ray photography

6. Magnetic and electric fields

For example, Piran gas is suitable for many low and medium pressure applications, such as:

1. Research and development

2.Test application

3.Company performance and size


5.Systems engineering

Captive gauges, on the other hand, offer greater accuracy electronically by measuring small skin defects due to changes in hole level. However, greater accuracy results in higher costs and more targeted pruning. So why is it important to know what you want in your size system.

System Interface

An empty signal sends a signal. However, expanding the interface can be a reason to know what works best. Most applications use a simple 0-10 V signal that can be converted to pressure using a simple analog. This is the simplest way to configure the system, although some industrial applications still use a 4-20 mA output.

However, due to the growing need to collect data in digital communications, it is becoming more common to switch directly to a reference point instead of a hub converter. These include RS232 / RS485, EtherCAT, Profibus, Ethernet IP and more.

Costs and Maintenance

As mentioned above, it’s important to know the level of space you want, but everyone has a budget. You may want 0.1?curacy, but if you get 1?curacy for half the price, you may need to figure out what you need to improve the device.

The main factor that influence the value of accuracy in the process of weight loss are:

Quality: As you might expect, high accuracy increases costs.

This is true if the hole is smaller / half and the size is more expensive than the piezo size.
Weight measurement: When measuring different sizes, two types of devices can be combined or combined to give a high value per meter.


The right vacuum level and the data needed to make the right choices to create an efficient vacuum. The choice of a vacuum sensor is influenced by the vacuum level, cost, and maintenance requirements.

This may seem daunting, but by carefully examining the system requirements, the options can be easily reduced to the required criteria, and we have a very wide selection to meet all process requirements.


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