How to Build Your Own Cheap Garage

How to Build Your Own Cheap Garage

Build a cheap garage, maybe a car with a sloping roof to attach to your roof. Don’t try to build an apartment to save money because you don’t want to diminish the value of your home. To make it cheaper, you need to support the parking lot with solid stone, brick or ash. Cheap parking lots are cheaper than recycled cars. For example, you could use a window that was cleaned in the middle of a repair.

What You Need for Construction

The brick material used is very cheap, warm and reliable. However, it should be borne in mind that the surface often does not have an attractive or suitable appearance. This means that the walls of such material must be covered with plaster or other finishing materials.

This makes the whole construction more expensive than some new materials.
Sandwich panels are a modern building material. It is characterized by low weight and ease of installation. Most panel types do not require an exterior or interior finish. It is a three-layer board with an inner insulating layer and an outer layer of metal, polystyrene or magnesium boards.

They are enough to accelerate the installation of the structure (1000 × 2000 mm). It should be noted that the construction of such a panel requires the construction of a frame. It can be made of wood, metal and reinforced concrete structures. The most commonly used metal frame. It is strong and durable and, unlike wood, does not shrink or shrink. You can also make a wooden frame. Sandwich mold material allows you to perform all the construction steps yourself.

The occasion can also be associated with building materials that allow the construction of a cheap garage. Such constructions are mounted on a metal or wooden frame. In this case, do not forget to consider the cost of thermal insulation of the structure. As there is no wall and ceiling insulation, a panel house and the same shore with all the defects will be ready.

OSB boards are also popular today with lightweight manufacturers. The advantage of OSB is that it is not exposed to moisture like other types of wood. OSB acquires this function due to its three-layer structure, in which the chips are located internally on the surface of the board, externally and vertically. You can make a very cheap car interior out of this material. It doesn’t take much time to build.

Frame and Dimensions

Frame and Dimensions

We are also working on the frame and the dimensions of the plate are very large. The distance between the pillars of the frame should not exceed 1.2 m OSB is a very flexible material. If the range is large, the structure may collapse. The thickness of the wall panels must be at least 18 mm. 22mm thick boards are also available. From the outside, the walls of this material can be trimmed with cladding.

However, if there is not enough money, it is not worth doing it right away. OSB boards are moisture-resistant, so the walls can be covered with film. Internal insulation is not required. But if you still want to share space, you can do so over time, when additional financial opportunities arise. Inside the room, there is a space between the frame frames that can be filled with mineral wool or foam.

You don’t have to have the skills to build this design with your own hands. Basic skills such as working with a hammer, screwdriver and chainsaw are sufficient. The first and most important step is to create a project. You cannot rely on the services of a designer for this. After all, your garage is just a rectangular box. The best choice is 4x6m x 2m high and if you make it for a minibus, you can make it a little wider and longer (optional) and 2.5 meters higher.

What the Manufacturer Offers

The building consists of the following structures:

1. Basic

2. Wall

3. Roof

4. Goal

5. Finishing

We will analyze each item individually and try to choose the most economical type of material for each configuration.

Concrete Block

The most common building material in a garage is concrete grass. There are currently several types of concrete barriers.
Known for its excellent quality and durability.


Brick war.

It is advisable to choose another material, as such an operation will be performed. Please come out with cement glass. Note that cement is divided into log bars used in construction and buildings, walls and hard stones used as foundations. Ignoring this feature can quickly destroy the entire system. Cement barriers for the construction of scientific and technical garages, as well as preparatory work, cleaning and standardization of the site and planning of future buildings.

The gel foundation is ideal for wood, but concrete blocks do not need strong support. The foundation of the foundation is made as follows. Remove soil with holes 45-50 cm deep and 40-45 cm wide, remove sand and crushed bricks and pour cement. This can be done differently. The trench is covered with sand and then filled with water.

The mixture of water and sand ensures the strength and resistance of the system to changes in weather and temperature and humidity. The reinforcement is then placed on the ground to form the entire structure.

After a month, you can start laying the walls. The third way to facilitate the installation of the slab: Pour sand instead of sand into the trench and pour grating cement over 150 degrees over the entire structure. After installation, the foundation is heated. And gas storage. Various options are available for hydropower, heat and steam barrier.

1. Decide the Exact Perimeter

Choose the exact location of the garage and dig a foundation for pouring concrete. Use the masonry blocks to place the foundation around the entire area of the fence. Ask him to repair the wall with concrete to place two layers of stone on the concrete foundation. This wall supports the wooden structure of the garage for repair. After installing the main units, be sure to leave space on the ground for vehicle access. Place a 3 cm (7.5 cm) stone in the ground to create a flat floor.

2. Start Structuring the Walls

Start Structuring the Walls

Start with the walls and ceiling by placing the first layer of firewood around the tree. Use 2-inch nails to secure the 2 x 8 board (cover around the joint). Place a piece of metal between the pole and the block. 2 x 8 wall coverings for parking, including doors and windows. Buy a roof or build your own shed on the site itself in 2 x 8. A plasterboard is installed to cover the exterior. Fix the box with a 4-inch high goat’s head. Put the piece on the seam and put on the garment.

3. Install Door and Windows

Install Door and Windows

Then install the doors, windows and plumbing. If possible, look for used garage doors and windows for installation. Sell it to your friends or place an ad in your local newspaper. Clean hollow doors and windows with sand and paint before installation. Look for the side door when you leave the garage. Side doors are important because you have to escape because the garage can catch fire.

4. Install the Roof and Surrounding Materials

Install the Roof and Surrounding Materials

Install the roof and surrounding material. Install the 1/2 inch exterior plywood for the roof and awning. Fold the tiles into place. Insert the nailed tube into the 10-inch tube. Enter the space below and install behind the concrete sprinkler. If you don’t want to invest in rivers and sprinklers, build an affordable rainwater system. The galvanized steel material attached to the top of the tube can be used as a drain. Use large barrels to collect rain.

5. Hang the Garage Door

Parking door hinges after installing additional hardware to support the weight of the door. Install parking if you want to add it to your budget. Take time to open the parking lot with a flat wrist strap or adjust the traffic to speed up the door. The operation of parking lots increases the use of parking lots.


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