Planning a Home Renovation? Top Tips from the Pros

Planning a Home Renovation? Top Tips from the Pros - how to remodel a house with no money

Australian homeowners love nothing more than to carry out improvements, which benefits them in more ways than one. Aside from additional luxury and comfort, you are boosting the value when you make major changes and over the years, you can transform your living space.

If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom revamp, here are a few tips from seasoned DIY-ers.

  • Work to a budget – Rather than selecting materials/ appliances and totalling up the cost, it is better to start with an overall budget, an amount you are prepared to invest. This gives you a ceiling and one of the first questions from a contractor would concern your budget, which determines the scope of the project.
  • Dangers of asbestos – If your home was built pre-1990, there is a very real chance that asbestos is present in some form; call in an established asbestos consultant who can test for the presence of hazardous asbestos. It might shock you to learn that approximately one-third of Australian homes contain asbestos; don’t take any chances when it comes to this harmful material, call in a specialist to conduct tests.
  • Consider going DIY – You can save thousands of dollars if you have the tools and the inclination; more Australian homeowners than ever are turning to DIY when it comes to home improvements, and when you look at labour charges, who could blame them? YouTube hosts ‘how to’ videos for every project you could imagine, from making a chair to building a house and everything in between. Cost the project using online suppliers and see how much difference there is with a contractor’s quote. Here are a few tell-tale signs that a home needs renovation. There is a lot of job satisfaction when you build a cabinet with your own hands; you feel empowered and as time passes, your skill level will rise.
  • Read online reviews – Whether building materials, tools or appliances, Google product reviews for an authentic summary that will help you make informed decisions. Customer reviews can help you verify the services of building contractors and every established company would be able to furnish you with references of their previous work. When buying expensive kitchen appliances, there will be review data online and Google can help you find it.
  • Free design services – You may not be aware that suppliers often have in-house designers; if you are planning a kitchen renovation, the appliance supplier would have an in-house kitchen designer who can collaborate with you to create the perfect design. There are online AI resources to help with room design and layout if you know where to look.
  • Prioritise projects – There are probably a million and one changes you’d like to make; create a priority list, with the most desirable at the top. Budget might play a part in this and if you carry out one project per year, it won’t be long before your list will be completed.
    Home improvements boost the value of a property and if you want to save money, consider going down the DIY road.


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