How to Organize a Funeral on a Budget and With Dignity

How to Organize a Funeral on a Budget and With Dignity? - Funeral tips

At the same time, it is an important requirement for most relatives to plan a financial funeral that will send their loved one to the final journey in a nice way. Experts from the “Ritual” funeral home in specific examples point out the following: The phrase “financial funeral” is not synonymous with the phrase “poor quality”. There are many ways to make a really cheap funeral look beautiful and dignified.

Governmental Support

There are currently a number of public payments in Russia that can significantly reduce the cost of the service system, especially for vulnerable communities. The most important payment in this area is a funeral fee. In addition, many companies offer funeral benefits in kind to their deceased employees.

Given the usual funeral costs, the funeral costs for the unemployed and retirees can fully cover the lower funeral costs or halve their value. For example, the price of firefighting services in “social” form provided by the “ceremonial” funeral home of CJSC is 19,790 rubles, and the standard of funeral services is between 37,490 and 55,850 rubles.

In addition to the funeral allowance that all Russian citizens receive without discrimination, there are also benefits for certain types of citizens. In the Russian Federation, for example, funeral grants are now available for war veterans, military retirees, soldiers, military and rescue personnel, and people with disabilities in grades 1 and 2. We are not just talking about paying off. the exact cost of the funeral, as well as the details of the payment for the erection of the monument.

Discounts From Funeral Services

Although not a successful addition to this genre, funeral services offer many deductions for burials. Thus, Funeral Home CJSC Wright offers a 10% discount on ceremonial purchases after presentation of a Moscow card. In addition to funeral fees, these discounts can significantly reduce funeral costs without sacrificing quality.

Only the Essentials

Those who do not know the grave can wake up by ordering everything they need. Of course, this process reduces the efficiency of the company and its employees. The ceremony included a coffin, two caskets, two burials, and two funeral flags. The most important parts of the funeral are: Obtaining medical and medical documents, funeral records, administration of the body or corpse, guided tours.

The funeral director may request to bury the grave in a new location to obtain a funeral certificate. The funeral was ordered by the relatives of the deceased. The funeral is arranged by the funeral director.

Another important part of funeral arrangements is arranging arms deliveries. Over the years, the “events” have suffered. But now, with the growth of the funeral industry, there are products in cars like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford and Neoplan. The factory environment section is watching over you. For example, the “vacation” parking lot of the CJSC tunnel was an unknown traffic accident. At the same time, the price list of luxury carĀ  has also been established.

Budget Plots

Another factor that can reduce funeral costs without compromising quality is the programs that offer free funerals. Certainly, under Russian law, every Russian citizen is entitled to a free funeral. Due to the lack of traditional coffins, only a few temples and major cities offer such services.

Free land for the burial of Muscovites has now been allocated to the Yastrebkovskoye cemetery. If the curator issues a funeral card, only the funeral tax is paid. In the case of cremation, the easiest option for burial is to place the urn on the ground at a nearby location or design a new location in an outdoor cemetery in Moscow.

Careful Choice of Funeral Service

Funeral options continue to support the well-being and cost of the funeral. It is also good to remember that you must work at the funeral home and separate family and relatives from the funeral home. Relatives of the deceased at the funeral were contacted by the victim’s phone (infectious disease and police) who provided information about the body, but there was no indication that he had ever entered the house. .the one above is half the high value of “man”

Therefore, conducting a good funeral service is one way to save money at a funeral. Experienced funeral service, without compromising the value of the funeral, explains all the pros and cons and discusses the funeral arrangements, food and hardships to show love during the birth and death of the deceased. During the CJSC’s “vacation”, it is a constant reminder that opposition within marriage is sinful and unacceptable.


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