Hunting in Winter: Five Tips For Keeping Warm

Hunting in Winter

Even during the warmer months hunting can get very cold, very quickly. Staying prone for long periods, no matter the weather, is part and parcel of being a good hunter, but it pays to be warm. The more comfortable you are, the better you’ll be able to take your shot when the time comes. While it might be impossible to alleviate all of the cold that might affect you, especially if you’re hunting in the fall or the winter, there are some quick and easy ways to ensure that you stay cozy no matter what the weather is doing. If the thought of shivering is already putting you off the next season, here are some vital tips for keeping warm.

Cover that Head

While most people know that most of your body heat is lost through the head, not enough people really think about their hat situation. Your head needs to be covered all of the time, because even taking it off for a few minutes can lead to immediate body temperature drops. A good tip is simply to wear two hats. This might seem odd, but by using two hats made of different materials, you don’t just get the added layer, you also get trapped warmth between the different material layers. Look at combining a wool hat and a fleece hat.

Heat Packs

These can be a genuine lifesaver, but they are also factors when it comes to staying comfortable. Always have a few heat packs in your hunting bag. They are quick to heat up and can get rid of that numb feeling in your fingers that might prevent you from taking a good shot with your bow or rifle. If you’re heading out in the coldest seasons, look at the possibility of a large heat pack that you place over your body’s core. Those nights where it’s especially cold will be the perfect time to use them.

Pack Snacks

When you are cold your body starts to burn calories. While this is great for keeping warm, if you don’t have enough calories to burn then you’re soon going to start feeling the cold even more. You want to pack some high-calorie snacks with you to keep your temperature at a good level. Oat snacks are particularly useful, as are nuts and dried fruit. You should also have a thermos with you that’s full of either coffee or just warm water.

Choosing Your Clothing

Of course, the best defense against the cold is to ensure that you are wearing layered clothes that are designed for wearing while hunting. Make sure that you understand exactly what the criteria are for the Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes so that you don’t end up miles from your car only to find that your clothing isn’t as suitable as you thought. Pay particular attention to your gloves. Most experienced hunters will avoid mittens, because you need to wear gloves that keep you warm while still allowing you to pull the trigger on your gun or your bow. Practice shooting while wearing your gloves before the season starts.

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While the cold weather can bring out more active whitetails and other prey, it’s also a risky time to head into the wilds if you’re not prepared. Make sure that your hunting kit is optimized for the cold and that you safety check all of your gear before you load up your car. The more time you spend making sure that your kit will handle the cold, the less time you’ll spend shivering in your hide.


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