How To Get Korean Glass Skin with the 10-Step Skin Care Routine In 2023

How To Get Korean Glass Skin with the 10-Step Skin Care Routine In 2023 - korean 10-step skin care routine day and night

Are you interested in beauty hacks and trends? Then you are more likely aware of the term Korean beauty. It is also known as K-beauty.

Korean beauty items are produced in Korea. They originated with the Korean beauty philosophy in mind. You can always take a look at Bath and Body Works beauty care items to improvise the overall health and texture of your skin and whilst shopping use of Bath and Body Works $10 code will help you attain maximum discount.

Korean beauty items and routines are always in for the long haul. You have to be dedicated and consistent to get the desired outcome. The difference is huge as it is between adopting a healthy lifestyle or going on a crash diet.

In other words, the routine is about not stressing about your skin and managing it properly. It is important to use the right products for your skin that do not comprises any harsh ingredients or compromise your skin’s natural barrier. It is mainly about maintaining the natural ecosystem of your skin through hydrating, cleansing, nourishing, and protecting it as well. It allows your skin to thrive by all means.

The Famous 10-Step Routine:

The fundamental 10-step routine is generally used in the traditional Korean skincare routine. It generally is followed as mentioned below:

1- The Oil-based Cleanser

The Oil-based Cleanser - best oil-based cleanser

It is a fact that SPF, makeup, and your body’s natural sebum are removed with the oil-based in comparison with a water-based cleanser. It does not strip off the organic healthy oils from your face. The first step is to invest in a premium oil-based cleanser that goes well with your skin’s ph level or type.

2-Water-based cleanser

Water-based cleanser - water-based cleanser cetaphil

It is the sort of cleanser usually people think of when they hear the word ”cleanser”. We often see them in the form of a bar that removes the excess impurities as in dirt or sweat.

3. Exfoliant

Exfoliants are products such as peels, scrubs, and pads. These items are crucial to any skincare routine and help to remove the buildup or dead skin cells. Although, you should choose the exfoliating products carefully and use them as per instructions.

4- Toner

Toner - toner for skin

Many people often miss out on this step which is not right! Choosing the best hydrating toner is crucial for restoring the balance of your skin, improving texture, and replenishing lost moisture. Hydrating toners are formulated to provide an extra layer of hydration to the skin, helping to soothe and nourish dry or dehydrated skin types. By using a hydrating toner, you can help to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in a more supple and healthy-looking complexion.

5- Essence

Essence - essence skin care

The essence is what makes Korean skin care regimens unique from others. The products are formulated with fermented ingredients. They protect and hydrate your skin. You have to apply it in between toner and a serum.

6- Treatment


The term Treatment is referred to a serum that is focused on treating a particular issue such as acne or wrinkles. The serums comprise highly concentrated ingredients.

7- Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask - sheet mask benefits

The serum-soaked paper is quite popular in our era. You have to put on your face for about 20 minutes known as a Sheet mask. You are supposed to be putting the sheet masks about once or twice a week just like exfoliants.

8- An Eye Cream

An Eye Cream - best eye cream

Our under eyes area are quite sensitive. Thus, it is meant to be treated gently. The skin around the eyes needs eye gels, oils, or creams that keep the puffiness, and fine lines, away. It also lightens the under eyes and helps with dark circles.

9- Moisturizer

Moisturizer - moisturizer for oily skin

It is the most important and acts as a sealant to soak all products into your skin effortlessly. If you do not apply moisturizer then all the skin care regimens are nothing but a waste of time.

10- SPF

Nowadays, everyone seems to be aware of the importance of sun damage. Lately, beauty products from moisturizers to foundations have been manufactured with built-in SPF. However, never go out without your SPF even if other products are labeled with SPF. You are supposed to wear one to protect your skin from sun damage.


There is a lighter version of the skin care routine with the 5 steps to 7 steps which comprise all of the above steps. All you have to do is include those steps that are most important and fit within your skin type and needs perfectly!

However, if you want to exceed the routine to 12-step then you should add in the following further steps:

12-Step Routine:

You should include the below steps in your skincare routine:

11- Mist:

If you want the dewiness that comes with only following the complete routine of glass skin then misting from time to time will help you keep that shine for which you have worked hard!

12- Maintenance Facials

Maintenance Facials - after facial when glow comes

The last step is to actively go for the skin care facials that work best! If you follow Korean skin care religiously then you better not miss out on the maintenance facials to keep that dewy look on your face. The weekly facials are completed with a massage.

If you are looking to invest in premium quality products then make sure to check out Bath and Body Works products and apply Bath and Body Works $10 to decrease the rates.


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